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Gloucester  County is located in New Jersey in the United States and it is located in the south of Philadelphia and lies to the northwest of Atlantic City.  This place is also considered a part of the New Jersey Metropolitan division of Philadelphia Camden Wilmington Metropolitan statistical region and it is also considered a part of the Delaware Valli combined statistical reason.  The United States Census Bureau says that this place has a total area of 337.1 Square miles and this area includes 15.7 square miles of water.  This place is considered to be composed of low-lying rivers and Coastal Plains mainly. the highest elevation point in the county is a slight rise located along the county route 654 that lies to the southeast of cross keys that reaches almost 180 feet above the sea level and lowest point of this place is at sea level on the Delaware river.

Gloucester-CountyThe temperature in this place is not the same all year and is subjected to continuous variations. January is considered the coldest month and the temperature may reach up to -3 degrees Celsius and July is considered as the hottest month of the year and the temperature in this month can reach 31 degrees.  A record low temperature in this place was observed in February 1934 and that was -24 degrees Celsius and the hottest temperature observed over here was 41 degrees celsius in August 1918.  In this region, you will also note the occurrence of precipitation which ranges from 2.75 inches in February to 4.35 inches in July. the climate of this place is somewhat humid and Subtropical.

Swedesboro and Bridgeport are the oldest areas in this place that are known to be the earliest in your opinion settlements in the area of New Jersey and as a part of the 17 century New Sweden Colony.  This County is very old and it dates back to may 26 1686 and at that time the course was established and they ordered the separation of the county from Burlington county.  So you can say that the actual status of accounting was given to this place officially on 17th May 1694 and at that time it was described as a part of Jersey.  Later the portions of this County were separated for the formation of Atlantic County on 7th February 1837 and also for the formation of counting on 13th March 1844.

The oldest municipality in the county is Woodbury and which was founded by Henry vote in 1683.  You also need to know that the municipality of National Park is a host to the site of the Revolutionary War Battle of Red Bank and at this place, there used to be a Fort known as Fort mercer.  Another important thing is that in the period of the colonial era this accounting was mainly an agricultural place and Agriculture was the main activity over here.  Since there were many links to the Atlantic ocean and Delaware river from this place, smuggling was very common at that time.  An important place over here is the Gloucester county historical society and which was formed in 1903 and in this place you can see a collection of artifacts and other things related to the history of South Jersey.

If you want to know about the roads and routes in the city then according to 2010 this place had a total of 2733.6 km of roadways. And out of these 1813.7 km roads are maintained by the local municipality,  654.1 km roads were maintained by Gloucester county and the remaining 230 3.5 km Road by the New Jersey department of transportation and other 3.5 kilometer roads were maintained by the Delaware River port authority.  1.75-kilometer roads were maintained by the south Jersey transportation and the other 26.8 km were maintained by the New Jersey turnpike authority.  You need to know that interest 8295 is the only interest rate root in this place which also operates through the Northwest and this is the reason that people have to face a lot of issues during traveling. This place also has many wineries such as heritage vineyards and Cedarvale winery. The latter one is located in the Logan township in the county and it has been operated by a family produce firm since 1905.  the winery has 8 acres of grapes under the process of cultivation and another important thing is that it produces 2500 cases of wine per year.

This place is amazing and if you want to visit it then you can come with your kids or elders also because all of them will get equal opportunities of amusement and enjoyment over here.  This place offers different options for kids such as different types of sports facilities and other amazing things related to arts.  When it comes to the elders they can spend their time exploring the history of this place and in fact, they can also go to the museums that are in this place. The elders will observe the rich history and culture of this place and can also go for other activities such as they can go at the beach and They can also explore other recreational areas in this place.

If you are in the mood for a vacation to this place then you need to have a traveling companion along with you.  In this case, a good transportation service such as a car service or a Limousine service will act as your traveling companion. If you are not sure which transportation service should be hired then it is recommended for you to hire Jersey car and Limo services.  This is the most trusted transportation service in this area and is used by the local people and visitors.  the range of vehicles is the following.

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