Logan, New Jersey Airport Car Service and Limo Rental

Logan Township is a township in Gloucester County in New Jersey in the United States. Logan Township was e known as West Woolwich Township and it was originally formed by this name on 7th March 1877 by the act of New Jersey legislature from the portions of Woolwich Township.  This name was associated with this place for less than a year and then after that, the name was changed on 6th March 1878 to Logan Township.  You also need to know that this place is named for John Alexander, Blackjack Logan who was Union Army e general and he was the main reason behind the establishment of Memorial Day as a national holiday. 

 if you want to know about the area of this place then according to the United States census this place has a total area of 26.6 square miles and this area also include 4.67 square miles of water.  An important thing you need to know is that Beckett is an unincorporated community and a Census-designated place which is located within the Logan Township.  There are many unincorporated community’s localities and other places that are located partially or completely within the Township and they include center square, Bridgeport, floodgates, prospect, Nortonville, Raccoon Island, coopers, and coopers wharf. You also need to know that this Township is a home to the very famous 3000 acres industrial Park and this one is one of the largest industrial parks in the nation, it is known as pure land Industrial complex.  Another important thing is that this Township also hosts the Delaware River equestrian agriculture Marina Park which is a 1600 acres, County Park.  You also need to know that this place surrounds many important areas such as Gloucester county municipalities of Greenwich Township and Woolwich Township.  It also surrounds the Delaware River and many other places and in addition to this the raccoon creek branches from this river in the Logan Township.

As far as the government of this place is concerned then you need to know that this Township is governed under the Faulkner act which is is formerly known as the optional useful charter law under the small municipality form of New Jersey Municipal Government and that is elected by direct petition of first January 1984. The place is one of 18 municipalities that use this form of government and this is only available to municipalities with less than 12000 at the time of adoption.  As far as the governing body is concerned then you need to know that it is made up of and a Township Council with all positions chosen based on general elections held in November.  You also need to know that the mayor is elected directly by the voters for 4 years in the office and the four members of that Township Council are chosen to serve the office for 3 years staggered basis.  And you need to know that the governing body is made up of five members who considered the operation of the Township and are responsible for passing resolutions and ordinances and they also play a role in assessing and electing Taxes.  The meeting Of the mayor and the people in the Township Council are held every month and the meetings are open to public people also and you need to know that all the legislative powers of Township are exercised by the Mayor and Council.  Important thing is that this Township is located in the first congressional district and is a part of New Jersey’s third state legislative district also. 

 If you are concerned with that transportation and roads were here then you need to know that the commodore Barry Bridge is a cantilever bridge that stretches from the Delaware River to Chester Pennsylvania, and it also extends to the bridge port in Logan Township. This place is owned and operated by the Delaware River port authority and the construction of this Bridge started in 1969 and was opened for operation in February 1974. This Bridge and main name after the American Revolutionary War hero and Philadelphia resident John Barry.  if you are concerned with the roads and roots of this place then you need to know that this Township had a total of 115.9 km of roads and out of these 50 7.2 km from maintained by the Municipality, 13.5 km or maintained by the Gloucester county and 29 kilometers were maintained by the New Jersey department of transportation and the remaining 3.57 km Road were maintained by the Delaware River port authority. 

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