West Deptford, New Jersey Airport Car Service and Limo Rental

 Explore west Deptford with Jersey car and limo services. West Deptford is a township in Gloucester county. It is located in New Jersey in the United States.  This Township was given the status of a township on 1st March 1871 by the act of the New Jersey legislature from the portions of Deptford township.  The portions of this Township were taken to form other places and they were the borough of National Park on 15 April 1902 and the borough of Westville on 7th April 1914.  Woodbury expanded the portions of the township in 1907.  you need to know that this place is named for Deptford and Deptford was named after the English port of Deptford.  When it comes to the history of this place then you need to know that this place is home to Ladd’s castle, which is also known as candor hall.  This place is a historical building and is located in the Colonial manor section that is in Gloucester Westville county and it is known as the oldest brick home also. Since this place is a famous Historical site, in 1972 this was added to the national register of historic places and it was constructed by William Ladd in 1688.  William Penn  was another person who was a survey and he helped Tu To layout master architectural design for the city of  Philadelphia.

If you want to know about the area and geography of this place then the United States Census Bureau says that this place has a total area of 17.8 1 square MI and this area also includes 2.45 square miles of water.  this place also contains some unincorporated communities and localities which are located completely or partially within this place and they include Green Fields village,  north Woodbury, League Island,  paradise,  red Bank,  Washington Park, West end, Titans, Verga, Pierces corner, Leonards, Hoffman Wharf, Eagle point and a few more. This place, the west Deptford township also surrounds the municipality es of Deptford township, east Greenwich township, Mantua township, Woodbury heights, Westville, Woodbury and a few more.

Another important thing that you need to know about this place is the type of Government show so the west Deptford Township is governed under the Township form of New Jersey is municipal Government and this type of government is used in 141 municipalities in the state of New Jersey.  There is a township A committee which is composed of 5 members who are chosen directly by the voters and the basis of choosing them as the general election is held in November.  As a result of those elections, the Township committee uses one of its members as mayor and another one as Deputy Mayor.  the west Deptford Township is known to be located in the 1st congressional district and so you can say that it is a part of New Jersey third state legislative district.

If you are concerned about the transport in the city then you need to know that according to May 2010 this place had a total of 158 km of roads and out of this 104 km roads were maintained by the municipality, 34 km Road was taken by the Gloucester county and 17.8 km were maintained by the New Jersey department of transportation and the remaining 3 km Road were maintained by the new jerseys turnpike authority.  There are some major and important roads in and around this Township and they include Interstate 295.  This route enters the Township from the South Western side and then it continues up to 8.8 km towards northeast 2 to Deptford Township and it includes exits 19, 20, 21, 22 and 23.

Travelling is important for us and we need to travel from one place to another because of many different reasons. nowadays traveling has made everything easy and we can easily make relations and contacts by traveling from one place to another.  It can be for many e different reasons such as attending an event,  going for a meeting or you can also travel for a vacation to your favorite place.  If you are planning to visit West  Deptford then you need to know that this is an amazing place for different recreational activities and enjoyment so you will never regret visiting this place.  you can come here for any reason and can also bring your family or friends along with you also,  you will never be disappointed by the amazing beauty of this place. It offers a lot of enjoyment opportunities for people of all age groups so if you are coming here along with kids then they can enjoy themselves in different parks over here and they can also visit playgrounds which are very large.  All the parks and playgrounds have different things for recreation such as hiking and biking trails.  It also features many other things such as a football ground,  soccer field,  basketball court,  tennis court, and many other things.  If you are a lover of food, this place is for you because here you will get the food of your choice and that will be prepared from fresh and organic ingredients which tastes the best.  you will be able to get different types of cuisines such as American, Chinese,  Japanese,  Mediterranean, Continental, and Indian over here.

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