Glassboro, New Jersey Airport Car Service and Limo Rental

Glassboro is a borough in the Gloucester County, in New Jersey in the United States. The place which is now known as Glassboro was formed as a township on 11th March 1878 by the act of New Jersey legislature and it was formed by taking some portions from Clayton Township. In addition to this, some parts of this Township were also taken to form Elk Township on 17th April 1891 and pitman on 24th May 1905.  This place was given the status of a borough on 18th March 1920 and this status was given to it after replacing the Glassboro Township. The borough was e named this is because of its glass industry. You need to know that this place is also home to the very famous Rowan University and this university was founded in 1923 and was earlier known as Glassboro state college. And this place was a famous site for the Glassboro Summit conference held in 1967 between US President Lyndon B. Johnson and the Soviet premier Alexei Kosygin. 

The United States Census Bureau says that this place has a total area of 9.36 square miles and this area also includes 0.04 square miles of water. This place also includes some unincorporated communities localities and places that are named completely or partially within this place and they include Elsmere. You also need to know that this place, Glassboro surrounds the Gloucester county municipalities which are known as Clayton borough, Elk Township, Harrison Township, Washington Township, Monroe Township, pitman, and Mantua Township. If you are concerned with the climate of this place then it is generally characterized as hot and summers are humid. The winter season over here is generally mild to cold and according to the local classification system displays has a humid subtropical climate. 

When it comes to the Government of this place then you need to know that this borough is being governed under the borough form of the New Jersey Municipal government. You also need to know that this type of government is used in 218 municipalities of this place and so this is considered as the most common form of government in the area of New Jersey. The governing body in this kind of government is made up of the Mayor and the Borough Council and all the positions are elected as a result of the elections that are held in November.  Mayor is elected by the voters for a 4-year term in the office.  The council is made up of 6 members who are chosen to serve the office for three years on a staggered basis and these people are also chosen as a result of the general elections held in November. You also need to know that this place is located in the first congregational district and is also a part of New Jersey’s third state legislative district and before the 2011 appointment following the 2010 census this place was a part of the 4th state legislative district. This place is governed by a board of County commissioners and the seven members of this place are frozen for 3 years period of office on a staggered basis. If you want to know about the transportation in this area then you need to know that this place has a total of 126.2 km of roadways and 92.7 km of the roads were maintained by the municipality and 21 points 3 km from entertained by the velocity county and remaining roads and routes which are 12 km are maintained by the New Jersey department of transportation. There are some important roads included in this place which include County route 553 and County Route 47 and there is also root Number 55 which offers unlimited access and route 332 covers area from east to west in this place. If you are concerned about the history of this place then you need to know that the early history of this place was built on the manufacturing of glass.  you can also say that this was the first place is established in 1779 by a stranger as glassworks in the Woods. There are many other companies which manufacture glass nowadays and all of them are located in this place.  you also need to know that and another thing which is famous about this place is that in 1958 and epidemic of typhoid fever broke out in this area predominantly the African American regions and it did a great amount of destruction and the main reason of the Breakout was on sanitary conditions.

This place is an important point for business meetings and many other works so if you want to come to this place then you can bring your family along with you also. This is because this place offers a lot of enjoyment opportunities for people of fall is groups so no matter if you are coming with elders or kids they will enjoy a lot. If you are in the mood for a picnic then this place has some amazing picnic areas which are very spacious and this place has parks which include different hiking and jogging tracks and also has many different sports areas such as tennis court and football ground so you will never regret visiting this place. 

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