Top Transportation Tips For A Summer Wedding

Many weddings are held during the summer with the season being one of the most popular periods for weddings. Summer gives off an atmosphere of joy with the sunny skies, warm temperatures, good weather and flowers that bloom and thrive in many places. It is no wonder why many couples choose to hold their special event to become husband and wife during this period of the year. If you are planning to hold a wedding during summer, we have got some useful tips you can think about when you plan your wedding transportation.

Make Sure You Don’t Forget the Cold Beverages in Your Summer Wedding Limo

During a summer wedding, the bride, groom and guests are definitely going to be warmer due to the warm temperatures of the season. When you combine the warm summer heat with thick layers of formal attire like your wedding dress or suit, and the excitement of the wedding, you will be reaching for refreshments whenever you can. When you try to book your wedding transportation, you need to ensure that cold beverages are allowed in your limo during your limo ride on the big day. Although this detail seems like a small matter, do not overlook this it because it will help cool you and your nerves down on the wedding day itself. If your limo company does not provide bottled water and ice, be sure to stock up on these and make them available to you and your guests.

Transportation For Wedding Guests

The summer heat may make your guests feel warm and uncomfortable over the span of the whole wedding. Take time to consider and think about your itinerary on your wedding day to determine if transportation for wedding guests makes sense and is suitable for your plan. This could happen at certain times during the day when your guests have to move from one location to another. Your guests will greatly appreciate being fetched around, from the hotels to the ceremony and finally the reception, especially in summer months where the weather is hot. For such door-to-door services, you may want to consider hiring limo buses or shuttle buses. This will definitely be a thoughtful gesture for your guests. Something else you can consider is hiring valet parking or golf cart shuttles when shuttle buses are not necessary.

Be Sure to Book Your Limo Early

Weddings peak during summer months, which means that the demand for luxury chauffeur services will increase. You should book early for your summer wedding so that you can choose the vehicle that you want. If you are too tied down with planning your wedding and feel that you are running out of time to book your desired vehicles for wedding transportation, look for a transportation service provider that has a wide selection of vehicles. They may be able to offer alternatives suitable for you. Booking your vehicle too late may mean that you have to give the white stretch limo you have always dreamt of a miss. However, it does not mean you cannot end up building wonderful memories to look back on with your wedding crew in a trolley bus limo.

Need to Rent a Wedding Limo?

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