New Jersey may be one of the smallest states of the United States but in no way does it lack in terms of tourist attractions and even business prospects. You name it and New Jersey will sure to have whatever attracts you the most. From natural beauty to manmade parks New Jersey has an array of amusement parks, gardens, parks, museums, and whatnot.

It is a popular East Coast vacation spot where you can see hordes of people throughout the year who are looking for fun and adventure in their off time. People from nearby states and even from all over the United State fly to New Jersey to see for themselves what the state has to offer and they do not leave disappointed.

If you are planning to visit New Jersey any time soon then here are some suggestions about the places you need to visit during your trip to the fun-filled state.

Must-Visit Attractions:

Atlantic City:

Most famous for its Boardwalk, Atlantic City is a coastal resort town where one can bask in the picturesque sights of the beaches. To explore the boardwalk you can also rent a bike and paddle around rather than walking. It also features Steel Pier which is an amusement park designed carnival-style, having something for all ages. You can also check out the Entrance to the Stars, Absecon Lighthouse, and the Aquarium.

Morey’s Piers:

Located parallel to the beach, Morey’s Pier began with a single waterslide but now has expanded over six blocks of land. It has a ride for all ages and a Ferris wheel which is the center of attention due to the aesthetic views it offers of the beach and the surroundings. Moreover, the pier even has multiple water slides and snack stops scattered throughout.

The Adventure Aquarium:

Aquariums are the best place to visit if you are traveling with family and children. The Adventure Aquarium is one of the best aquariums since it is located on the Delaware River and is known to have one of the best aquatic educational facilities. It houses more than eight thousand Marine animals including sharks, turtles, stingrays, and distinctive animals like penguins and hippos.

Liberty State Park:

Look at the Statue of Liberty without taking a trip to New York by visiting Liberty State Park which has several memorials and monuments. It has a vast waterside and facilities like fishing, kayaking, and even cycling. There is a specially designated area for picnics as well and you can check out the Interpretive Center too.

Liberty Science Center:

For a science junkie, this is the place to be. Located within the premises of Liberty State Park, Liberty Science Center is an interactive museum with numerous hands-on exhibits and displays. It has several technology and gadgets on display along with the latest planetarium which conducts shows regularly in which you can explore and view the night sky and learn more about space. You can also be a part of the laser show and film screening which take place at various times. There is also a 3D theater, pixel art wall, infinity climber and so many more attraction which are sure to captivate you.

Princeton Battlefield State Park & Institute for Advanced Study:

Princeton is a well-known name due to the star university and various research institutes. It is constructed on vast grounds which are flocked by students who are hoping to get an admission or by the people who are in town. There is various torus offered by the faculty and the students which can give you more information about whatever you want to know. You can also visit the Princeton Battlefield State Park which is a historic site where Revolutionary War took place.

Cape May:

Located at the tip of New Jersey, Cape May is packed with places you can explore. The streets are lined up with beautiful historic Victorian houses with beaches and a lighthouse which dates back to 1859. It even has a museum, a country park, and a zoo with tours for dolphin and whale sighting.  The zoo has several exotic species and has the option of guided tours along with in-person encounters with selected animals.

Places to Grab a Bite at:

  • Rat’s Restaurant
  • Holsten’s Brookdale Confectionery
  • White Mana Diner
  • The Famous River Hot Dog Man
  • Chef Vola’s
  • Menz Restaurant and Bar

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