Thanksgiving Holiday Tips For 2020

In view of the global pandemic situation, we need to expect Thanksgiving this year to look slightly different. Nevertheless, it does not mean that we cannot have a good holiday with our friends and family this upcoming Thanksgiving. Read on to learn more about some safety ideas and tips to celebrate the holiday in a manner that your loved ones can feel comfortable and thrilled.

This Moment

As of today, start by first assessing your personal risk tolerance and ensure every guest on your list is committed to follow the same rules. Subsequently, get your flu shot and have a serious conversation with your family to plan on a location to meet that is convenient for all. Remember to order necessary personal protective equipment if necessary and if you need to fly, take a direct flight whenever possible. Always check travel restrictions for the location that you are heading to before making plans.

Two Weeks Before

Roughly two weeks before Thanksgiving, self-quarantine if possible. If you have to go outdoors, practice social distancing, wash and sanitize your hands, and wear masks. Upon reaching home, monitor any symptoms and take your temperature daily. Avoid getting into contact with large groups even at work or in school.

A Week Before

Get a diagnostics test and re-check travel restrictions to the location that you are heading to. If all is clear, stock up on masks, hand sanitizers, and disinfectant wipes. Read up on your travel plan and prepare your mental self so as not to feel overwhelmed with the new changes. Check in on your loved ones and confide in them for support.

Flying to Location

During your flight, wear a mask throughout the entire journey and skip on snacks and drinks that are provided on the plane. If you have to use the restroom, do so before you board the plane or wait until you have landed safely at the terminal. Use an airport car service to get you safely from the airport to your destination.

Driving to Location

If you are driving, it is highly recommended to hire a taxi service. This will be more convenient for all the heavy luggage and can help to reduce risks of transmission as opposed to hailing a cab on the actual day. Plan a one-day trip and bring along your own snacks instead of making multiple stops along the way. Avoid going to places where crowds are to be expected as contamination risks are high.

Planning in advance can help you prevent unnecessary anxiety in yourself and your loved ones. Always make early preparations way ahead of schedule as the festive season calls for heavy traffic on the roads and on digital booking platforms. Do not let this global pandemic affect how you and your loved ones celebrate the holidays. You can still be together and enjoy each other’s company with ease if you follow these safety tips and ideas.