4 Reasons To Use A Limo Service For Christmas This Year

Families and businesses are gearing up for the festive season earlier every year. You can also get a head start by considering various safety tips when celebrating with your loved ones this year. Majority of special occasions revolve around drinking and dining. This calls for measures to be put in place which will ensure your family and friends get to commemorate the event without harm. Check out the top four reasons why you ought to use a limo service for Christmas this year.

Drink and Drive

Regardless of whether you do restrict yourself to only a single alcoholic drink, the number of drunk driving incidents increases in great numbers during the festive season. Between the years 2001 and 2005 alone, an average of nearly 40 fatalities took place each day at the hand of drunk drivers. This figure rises remarkably over holidays like Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s. A limo service is driven by professional chauffeurs with a clean driving record and polite nature. You and your loved ones will travel home with peace of mind.

Holiday DUIs

In addition to the statistics mentioned above, the costs associated with intoxicated drivers being pulled over during the festive season can be overwhelming. Average costs for a first-time DUI charge is estimated to be approximately $9,500 depending on the state. This figure makes the costs of hiring a limo service seem trivial. Which would you rather pay for? The decision is in your hands.

Freezing Weather

After a hard day of partying and you are ready to hit the sack, you still need to start your car in 20-degree weather before snoozing on the wheel on the way back. This is highly dangerous and really time-consuming which is not something you need to look forward to after celebrating with friends and family. With a limo service, simply hop on your ride and take a snooze in comfort and style until you reach your front door safely.

Holiday Traffic

Have you ever tried hailing a cab during the holiday season? Most cabs get stuck in traffic and your rides will not reach until at least an hour or two after. Once you hop on, you need to weather through that same stretch of traffic again and watch the meter run to your dismay. A limo service offers a fixed price and we arrive as per schedule. If there is a change of plans, simply contact your assigned driver directly and they will be happy to accommodate.

There are plenty of other reasons why you ought to hire a limo service this festive season, but you get the drift. Whether you are out just for a night with friends and family or require a transport service to ferry your loved ones back home safely, Exclusive Taxi and Car Service offers safe and premium services that you can trust.