Tips When Visiting Tulip Festivals In New Jersey

The tulip festival generally occurs at the start of spring in New Jersey. Millions of beautiful spring flowers like tulips, lilies, and pansies are there to show their brilliant and eye-catching colors to visitors from all over the globe. During a tulip festival in New Jersey, there are a lot of flower events. There are many gardens prepared for the visitors and in addition to this various tours for closely observing the tulips are also available to the amazing tulip fields. Every year these tulip festivals are attended by many people from around the world. Many people go in groups to these festivals by hiring a limousine service in New Jersey. Many others who are traveling in groups go for charter bus rentals. There are a few tulip farms near me but I want to attend the tulip festival once again so I would hire a Jersey car and limo service or any other car service near me to have an unforgettable experience. During your visit don’t forget to visit all the tulip gardens in that place.

The most mesmerizing thing is to see the blooming flowers and that is just amazing, but to see blooming flowers you will have to plan your trip earlier. The blooming depends on weather conditions and occurs mostly in late winter or early spring. There are many important and amazing events you would get to see at this beautiful festival. One of them is the flower parade, which is done to welcome the spring season every year. The flower parade has many events in it which is a continuous source of amusement for visitors and people of all ages. The best part is that you can attend the tulip festival alone, or with friends and family too. Kids and elder people will enjoy it a lot over here. But before going to the tulip festival there are some tips you should keep in mind and there are some rules also which you need to follow if you want to enjoy the day fully.

Book in advance

As mentioned earlier that this festival attracts a huge number of visitors every year so if you leave booking at the end then you would not get entry into the festival. The entry to the festival needs tickets and there are no tickets immediately before the festival begins because all are sold out. So make sure if you want to visit the tulip festival you need to book in advance. You can do the booking by making a call or visiting the place. Visitors are allowed to enter with tickets, the tickets are for reservation and if you don’t have that you can go then.

Be prepared for the crowd and traffic

A huge number of people would be arriving at the festival, so all the roads would be crowded and you need to be well-prepared for that. This is the time of year when you will see the most traffic on the road. So be prepared for the adventure if making out your way. At this event, the weekends are most packed, especially on sunny April days, so if you have a job during these days then you need to get these days off during the week. If you go on regular days then the traffic would be a bit less, because many people are in offices but most of us end up attending the tulip festival on weekends and that is where the crowd part comes into play. Everyone wants to see those beautiful flowers so be patient and drive slow. When you get in the fields you will notice that there are a lot of o people but still, there is enough space to accommodate large crowds so people can move easily and freely from one place to another.

Park only in the areas allowed

When you visit a place having crowds then the most difficult thing is parking. You are unable to find a space for your vehicle. And when it’s about the New Jersey tulip festival then parking is even more difficult because there are so many vehicles. In many cases, you may have to loop around or drive around for some time to find a good spot to park. No matter whatever you do to find a good parking place but never park your vehicle anywhere specifically those areas which are not designated for parking, for example on the side of a road. If you park then you may damage the fields and other properties and as a result, you will be heavily fined for breaking the rules and it would spoil your day, so be careful.

Don’t damage the flowers

This is the thing which should not be reminded to the visitors again and again because you should be sensible enough that damaging flowers is not good, if they are damaged then nobody gets to enjoy them. If you are visiting the place with children or pets, then keep an eye on them so that they do not cause any harm to the fields of flowers. Don’t pick flowers because these flowers are very carefully harvested, maintained, and are here for display. In addition to this observe the signs about where you can walk. Every tulip field and its owner have specified a route that you can use through the field, all this is done to protect the beauty of flowers. If you want to take a picture with the flowers then do it very carefully. Every one of us needs to be respectful of the tulips and the owners because they make their livelihood by growing these flowers.

Bring cash with you

Many fields charge for parking or entrance in the field so do not forget to bring along some cash, you might need it later. The festival offers many places to enjoy, eat and drink also. There are many stops where you can have your favorite drinks and snacks. So you will need money for that too. That is why keeping some cash is very important especially if you are traveling with kids.