New Jersey Road Trips That You’ll Never Forget

New Jersey is a tiny state with a population over 9 million people and a land area of 8722 square miles. It is simple to explore because it is modest. This simply means that the forest, the ocean, and the mountains are never far away, no matter whereever you are. However, taking a road trip across New Jersey is one of the greatest ways to see the state. While it’s great to just select any location and go.

In addition, an extra benefit is getting to experience what makes New Jersey so special while also allowing for some summer vacation time. New Jersey comes in second to New England in terms of fall colors turning vivid tones. Even if it’s only for a day trip to check out the landscape, seeing the colors shift in New Jersey is one of the most romantic things you can do in the fall.

Fall colors in New Jersey peak around Memorial Day Weekend, with many of the hillsides keeping their golden hues far into November. Mud maples, beech, and other shallow-rooted trees often turn early in the fall, following a dry summer. While leaf conditions change from year to year, the greatest autumn colors start in northern New Jersey with and move south, with fall colors still blooming in southern New Jersey.

Road Trip Along the Jersey Shore

This is the perfect road trip for you if you enjoy beaches and driving by the water. Starting in Long Branch and ending in Cape May, you may explore every major city and beautiful little town along the beach, each with its distinct personality. This road journey would take you around three days to accomplish with New jersey limousine service.

High Point State Gardens

Begin your holiday with a fantastic hiking and camping spot. Hike along the Hiking Trail to the High Point Landmark, which is 1,803 feet above sea level and offers a breathtaking view of three states’ lush agriculture, valleys, hills, and woods.

A Mysterious and Haunted Road Trip

If you enjoy scary and haunting locations, NJ offers a solution for you. New Jersey has some of the most haunted locations in the country, from haunted highways to the haunted graveyard, hotels to historic places which you can travel with travel car service Jersey City. While there have been reports of paranormal activity at many locations, including the Emlyn Physick Estate and the Cape May Tower. A trolley trip offered by the Mid-Atlantic Center for the Arts and Humanities is just one of many ghost tours available. You can also enjoy this tour with party bus in New Jersey to make it more colorful.

A Road Trip Visiting Abandoned Places

New Jersey is also rich in history, which may be seen in a variety of ways. Moments documented in temples, museums, art, and well-preserved historic structures make up this history. Imagine a moment traveling in New Jersey Limousine service while exploring these monuments.

Aside from that, they have several recreated living history towns that depict life in the Garden State at different times. In addition, New Jersey has a plethora of abandoned sites that provide a fascinating glimpse into the past. In the Garden State, there are some very unusual abandoned locations, such as silos in Toms River and menacing towers which can be aced with New Jersay Winery tours.

A Fantastic Road Trip to a Waterfall

There are plenty of amazing drives to be had without ever leaving the country! New Jersey is known for its many waterfalls, which may be experienced in addition to its abandoned areas and haunting sites. Though seeing them all would be wonderful, the trip will take approximately 4.5 hours of driving time, but it is well worth it because each waterfall is unique in its own right. You can make this visit more mesmerizing with party bus in Jersey City.

Sussex County

Take a trip through Jersey’s wooded mountainous area to see the spectacular fall colors. It may be done in a day or as a relaxing weekend vacation, stopping at any of the numerous rural rests stops along the road. Begin your autumn beautiful drive in Newton, which has a rich Revolutionary War history and several colonial-style homes and antique shops.

At an altitude of 1,653 feet above sea level, the summit offers a spectacular perspective. Several signs are directing you to Stokes State Forest and High Point State Park as you enter the park. The Monument provides a breathtaking 360-degree vista of three states as well as the Delaware River valley.

A Trip Exploring Nature’s Wonders

New Jersey also has the nation’s heaviest concentrations of trains and highways. A multi-day road trip across the Garden State is one of the greatest ways to appreciate its natural beauties.

however, this tour concentrates on the state’s northern region and looping through many counties including Sussex, Warren, Bergen, and Passaic. These roadways are loaded with the beautiful elegance of fall leaves as October approaches.


You should take a tour of the University grounds, particularly the Institute for Advanced Study, where Einstein worked. Next, shop and/or lunch at Palmer Square, then relax in the sun at Lake Carnegie or Princeton Battlefield, a crucial battle in the American Revolution. There are so many things to do in Princeton that we couldn’t possibly include them all! However, you may get additional inspiration here.

Visit the Old Mine Road

This attractive route, which runs 104 miles from the southernmost point at Kittatinny Point Visitor Center in Hardwick Township, NJ to Kingston, NY, is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and is regarded to be one of the oldest highways in the United States. Visiting these locations with travel car service Jersey City.

Grounds for Sculpture

The magnificent Grounds for Sculpture in Hamilton is a must-see for art (and environment) enthusiasts. This 42-acre park features 270 large-scale modern sculptures, as well as stunning gardens and unique and exotic plants, making it ideal for social distancing. After strolling through the park, dine at Rat’s Restaurant, which is located directly on the grounds.

The Bottom Line

if you want to see fall leaves in New Jersey. The finest fall color may be seen in Western New Jersey. However, taking a road trip across New Jersey is one of the greatest ways to see the state. If you want to book a Limo Ride for your road trip then Jersey Car and Limo is the site to go. Take a look at some of the most memorable road journeys in New Jersey.

When you’re finished with your road journey, you may drop off the car at a Jersey Car and Limousine outlet and fly to your destination quickly.