Check Out The Edgewood Country Club: Newest Family Resort Of Bergen County NJ

Edgewood’s brand-new clubhouse features a country workout area. It is available throughout the year and has a complete program of activities and festivities for members ranging from comedy performances to special dinners. With a quite well restaurant at the resort, you may expect more to eat well (your greatest thing to look forward to).

If you are a visitor or a local, you must take your family or friends to this country club. You can go to your club location with limos in NJ because the limo interior is the most comfortable and luxurious. The poolside eatery and the golf course’s Corner Bar and Grill provide more informal food. Don’t forget about special occasions, holiday gatherings, and outdoor barbeques.

A Cutting-Edge Renovation

The latest improvements at Edgewood Country Club were celebrated with an opening party. Edgewood is a non-equity membership clubhouse in River Vale that is under new leadership. Managing Partner Todd Zorn explained that the pro membership allows Edgewood to focus on creating activities that benefit all members rather than prioritizing the interests of a limited panel of club members. You may also visit this location with your family and friends if you take advantage of this chance. For a luxurious trip, you may easily hire NJ limos. You may also take a stretch limo NJ if you want a more affordable journey. Of course, the various facilities and slightly elevated comforts presently available at Edgewood increase the satisfaction.

Furthermore, the club’s main building includes a ballroom, bar area, spare room, country fitness facility, kids play zone, and more. If you’re a visitor looking for the most stunning Bergen County attractions, here is the place to go. You can go there using limo rentals NJ for this purpose. The ballroom and beverage area is 47’2′′ x 38′, with a moveable wall that may be extended if necessary. Both include a 164-inch flexible display and a built-in roof projector operated by an iPad hung on the wall. This iPad can also control the lights (which come in a selection of colors) and the curtains, among other things.

More about Private Dining

The private dining area can seat up to 18 people in small groups. It’s perfect for a romantic dinner for two. Suppose you wish to celebrate a special occasion with your friends or colleagues over lunch or dinner. You must pay a visit to this club for a truly unforgettable experience. You might hire limos in NJ for this purpose because the limo interior is quite luxurious and comfortable. This multipurpose place for business also includes a Smart TV with online conferencing capabilities.

Additionally, Edgewood Club has a nice exercise facility. It has more reducing technology than previously. The main exercise room has all of the standard technology. Still, the separate On-Demand Training Course” area enables users to take gym, yoga, spinning, and other classes with the help of a digital teacher.

There’s also a massage facility on the site. If you’re on vacation, you should take your loved ones to this resort. You may also choose limo rentals NJ for luxury transportation. You may also hire a stretch limo NJ if you prefer a more budget-friendly journey. Edgewood even has a rising water fountain. It has a designated place for filling up a water bottle. It also keeps track of how many water bottles have been conserved by the local gym by refreshing personal ones rather.

Comfort and Resources for Families

Edgewood’s new design highlights the importance of family. WIFI is available throughout the site, and hotspots are open in each building. This country club is essential for business people and women who never truly “blow out,” and families with gadget youngsters. Apart from the golf club, the grounds are friendly, and Edgewood requests that guests always be respectful to others around them.

Cell phone use is allowed in all places. It would be best to take your family and children to this club to renew your holiday experience. Don’t worry if you don’t have your convenience. You may travel in style with NJ limos. Edgewood is ideal for families of any age and level since it offers youngsters versions of every service and facility.

In the corner of the club, there is a diving board and a small area for youngsters. This club gives children their place without requiring them to have one. A smaller pool with enclosure is available for extremely little children. You may also enjoy pool service with your family if you wish to beat the summer heat. You may get there with limos in NJ. Because of this, the limo interior gives luxury and a relaxing sense of space. A Smart TV with application accessibility through Internet access.  If you have a rebel teenager who is too edgy for the pool and would rather watch Netflix, here is the place to be. There are also swim classes offered.

Who Doesn’t Enjoy a Good Fort?

The Edgewood Country Club’s “Play Fort” is a children’s amusement area. There is a food bar and a variety of games to enjoy. If you want to make your children happy, you should take them to this country club. You may easily employ limo rentals NJ for a luxurious trip for this reason. You may also take a stretch limo NJ if you want a more affordable journey. The space, the floor, and the furnishings can all survive the high demands of active youngsters. — in other words, the kids can destroy the sofa, memory foam chairs, as well as the cushioned floor without suffering too much harm to themselves or the club.

The Bottom Line

Edgewood country club is the most magnificent to visit in Bergen County, NJ. This club is a must-visit if you want to improve your touring experience with premium style. You may go there by using limos in NJ since the limo interior offers luxury and comfort. You may also rent a stretch limo NJ for a more affordable journey. When you need dependable car services at competitive prices, go to Jersey Car and Limo.