Drinking and driving should never be mixed, and when it comes to partying with your friends’ drinking is the top of the do-to list of many people since it works like magic in setting up the mood for the party that they are gearing up for. So have you ever thought of renting a party bus when you and your friends plan a night out? If not, you need to since there are not only a few but many benefits of a party bus rental; maybe the following benefits will convince you to rent one.

Value for money:

With renting a party bus, you can easily split the rental cost between all your friends, while having separate cars will add up the fuel and the parking cost, which will be more than double the party bus’s actual rent. Also, you can get a detailed distribution of the expenses in advance so that you know what to expect.

More Space:

A party bus promises more space since it is designed to accommodate a huge group of people who can be at the same place simultaneously. It has enough room for people to move around and even dance freely if they want to all without bumping into one another.


As you are the one who is renting the party bus, that means you are the one who calls shots, you are the boss for the night and whatever you say goes. To make that happen, all you will have to do is communicate with your driver and tell them the location and the time you want to spend there so that once you are done, your driver is there waiting for you.

Arrival time:

With everyone traveling together would mean that you are all arriving at the destination you want together and this way no time would be lost at all. It would ensure that everyone will be reaching at the same time, and you won’t have to wait at a spot to get the party started again. Even if you are waiting for someone, you can start the party on the bus rather than going to the location and wasting the night away.

All the hot spots in one night:

Sometimes it gets pretty challenging to have a night out with all your friends again, so why not cover as many spots as you want in a single night? All you have to do is provide the driver with the list of places you want to, and he will make sure that you visit them all. You won’t have to worry about finding your way to the places you want to visit or handle the traffic and be confused about where everyone is.

A designated driver:

One of the most significant plus points of having a party bus rental is that you or your friends don’t have to worry about assigning a designated driver who will safely drive you to places or home. Instead, you all can sit back and relax while the chauffeur you get once you book a party bus rental will take care of everything, including tackling the traffic issues and finding the spot to park.

The party continues:

With a party bus rental, the party doesn’t need to stop since it can continue while you are on the road with all your friends. There will be no need to break up the friends’ group. At the same time, you drive to another location since you will have all the facilities you need to party on the party bus including a sound system, big TV screen and even various games with which you can entertain yourself and your friends.

With so many benefits to avail when it comes to party buses, you are sure to be on the lookout to get the right company to rent a party bus. If you are someone in New Jersey and wondering where to find a party bus near me, we suggest that you reach out to Jersey Car and Limo services.

Jersey Car and Limo is the local transport service provider that has car and limousine services in NJ and provides party bus rentals in NJ. It has a wide and extensive range of party buses with a space of more than ten people with a maximum limit of 40 people.

All their party bus rentals are fully equipped with several amenities, all of which are of the latest models, including the sound system, Bluetooth, and an aux option to keep the music playing. Also, all the party buses’ windows are tinted so that you have the ultimate privacy while you continue partying inside. Some party buses have a dance floor, too, with LED lights and a disco ball to have a complete disco vibe.

Cleanliness is a significant thing for the management of Jersey Car and Limo, so they maintain their party buses in a proper condition by keeping regular checks of the interior and exterior. The party buses are maintained and sanitized after every ride to ensure that it fits the company’s high standards and that clients have no issues when they travel in the party bus.

The chauffeurs of the party buses are trained professionals who know their way well around New Jersey along with all the hottest bars and party spots so that whichever locations you pick, they are sure to know the way to it. On the other hand, the price point of the party bus rental provided by the Jersey Car and Limo are budget-friendly and economical so that you and your friends can party without worrying about spending too much and have the freedom to drink as much as they want.

If you don’t want your party to stop, we suggest you pick up your phone and reach out to Jersey car and Limo for your next party night out, leaving all the worries to them in terms of driving and reaching all the locations that your heart desires.