Explore Plumsted with Jersey car and limo services. Plumsted is a township in Ocean County, New Jersey, the United States. The place was given the status of a township by the act of New Jersey Legislature that was on 14th March 1845, it was taken from the portions of the Jackson Township. On February 15th, 1850 the Plumsted County was declared a part of Ocean County. In earlier times Plumstead used to be based on five separate Superfund sites, but now four sites out of those have been removed from the priority list. The Plumsted Township is based on an area of 39.53 square miles, which takes approximately 102.37 kilometers square and almost 0.39 square miles in this area is the water. Plumsted Township has a total population of almost 8513 individuals. Most people living there have their own homes, and living over here offers one a peaceful, calming, and rural feel. The people living here are a little conservative and a good number of young professionals such as businessmen and entrepreneurs live over here, the schools in the township are good and offer better education as compared to the others. The students are also hard working here.

The most famous place in Plumsted is the Laurita Winery. This place was previously a dairy farm but then in 1998 vineyard was first planted over here and in the year 2008, this winery was opened for the public and visitors. Today Laurita winery is one of the largest and famous winegrowers in the state of New Jersey. It has almost 44 acres of grapes under cultivation and it produces almost 14000 wine cases per year. This is a big number. The winery got its name from a combination of two names, Laura and Rita, so they, when joined, made Laurita Winery. It makes several kinds of wines, the prominent examples are Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay, Grenache, Norton, Merlot, and a lot more. The famous winery also specializes in making fruit wines from strawberries and milk. It also makes dessert wine by using Chambourcin grapes, milk, and chocolate. In the whole of New Jersey Laurita winery is the only one that produces dairy-based wines. Another popular place in Plumsted, New Jersey is Oakford Lake Park. This is an excellent place that has many things to offer. It is a place for all age groups but is the best place for young kids to play. The place is magnificent and it features a nice playground, a gazebo and also offers access to the Crosswicks Creek. This is a famous fishing point where you can do fishing and crabbing, and this is also a starting point to many outstanding trips down the creek. This is a Municipal or City park and has no entrance ticket. Other amenities include a Boat lunch, Picnics in the sitting area, and a vast playground. The place is all green and you will enjoy it a lot after visiting here, kids come here to play while the elders jog on the tracks in the park. It is the perfect place from every aspect.

Plumsted, NJ is an amazing place and a perfect holiday destination, if you are a businessman or stay busy most of the time and want some free time then do plan a visit over here. If you want to move away from the hustle-bustle, noise, and busy routine in your life then you need to plan a vacation over here, you can come alone or can bring the family along. No, the matter is whether you are a resident of New Jersey or you are new in Plumsted New Jersey, but you will need someone who can help you to explore the place. Well, instead of hiring a guide, you may hire a car service or a limousine service. This will give you two-in-one benefits. The driver will guide you and will also take you to the desired destination. So you don’t have to hire a vehicle separately. Well, when we have so many options related to car services and limousine services, we can get confused about which one we should hire. Jersey car and limo service is the most trusted service over her. It is used by local people and visitors from around the world to explore this place. It is used by people mostly because they offer the best services at reasonable prices and also provide fun activities during the journey. The company is the most trusted one due to its professional behavior and world-class vehicles. All the vehicles are super cool and you can choose any vehicle that fits your needs and budget. The vehicles are all clean and sanitized after each ride. They are kept well-maintained and proper for the next customer. Their main goal is your safety, so the range of vehicles, like cars and limousines offered by the Jersey car and limo is given below. 

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