Pine beach is a borough in Ocean County New Jersey United States. The place was incorporated as a borough by the act of New Jersey Legislature on 26th February 1925 from the portions of Berkeley Township. The United States Census Bureau says that the borough is based upon a total area of almost 0.64 square miles that makes almost 1.66 kilometers square. This also includes 0.01 square miles of water. The Pine Beach borough also borders the municipalities of Ocean County which are known as Beachwood and Berkeley Township. The place that you need to visit in Pine Beach, NJ is the Double Trouble State Park. It is located in Lacey and Berkeley Townships in Ocean County. This park was a double trouble company’s company town in the area. The park has a unique insight and the park has a wilderness that gives one a unique insight into the Pine Barrens ecosystem. The New Jersey Division of Parks and Forestry is responsible for taking care of and maintaining the park’s beauty and other important things.

Another popular site in the Pine Beach Borough is Beachwood Beach NJ. This beach is stretched wife and is a popular site for tourism. Every year it attracts a large number of tourists and visitors that enjoy the fresh water on this beach. The beach has white glittering sand that shines in the golden sun and gives an appearance of glitter on the ground. It makes the beach look amazing. The beach is well-known for the cool afternoon breeze that blows around every afternoon. It is something of real joy that hits like a cool splash. This beach also has numerous places to stay for vacation. These places include the homes and rooms for rent. The beach homes are however a famous and favorite spot. The homes are based on four to five bedrooms depending on your requirement. All the rooms are equipped with local facilities and are well-furnished. The floors are mostly wooden and they are clean and maintained. The houses also have balconies and terraces that you can use for enjoying in the open air. The beach also offers numerous chances for fishing, water sports, and boating. In the summer season, the place is saturated and does not have space, especially in May, June, and July. So if you want a vacation over here you need to book as early as possible. The boats are offered on rent and they are of several types. If you want to go fishing in a group, you may hire a larger boat or if you want to go alone then little boats for you are also available, but all this would cost you a good amount of money, so if you are ready to blow your cash, then welcome to the place. The place is breathtaking. You can enjoy it here with friends or alone also. The best part is the people of every age group such as kids, middle-aged and older people can enjoy over here. If you are a foodie person then this place is for you, because here you will get every kind of food. Seafood is the specialty over here. Fishes of different varieties are served over her and the crabs and lobsters over here is a must-try. The food is made fresh and the ingredients are all local and natural. You can also get several kinds of drinks such as juice, coffee, and wine over here. All things are prepared in an order according to your taste. The staff at this beach and all other places in the Pine Beach borough is very cooperative and they are available every time to solve your problems.

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Limo fleet: 6, 8, and 10 passenger stretches

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