Explore Mantoloking with Jersey car and Limo. Mantoloking is a borough in New Jersey, Ocean County, United States. According to research in 2000 Mantoloking was given the status of the highest-income community in New Jersey, and the per capita money income at that time was almost $114017. Then according to another study of 2006-2010, which was done by the American community survey, the Mantoloking had a per capita income of almost 97938 dollars and was ranked on number four in New Jersey. In Forbes magazine’s 2012 rankings of America’s most expensive zip codes, the area was placed at 139th rank with a staggering price tag of 1403349 dollars. It was given the status of the borough on 10th April 1911 by the act of New Jersey Legislature from the portions of Brick Township. The name of the borough is derived from the Unami language which was spoken by Lenni Lenape Native Americans, who once used to live in the state of New Jersey. The meaning of Mantoloking is a sand place or frog ground. This borough is a community of Jersey shore located on the Barnegat Peninsula and now is also known as the Barnegat Bay Island. It is a long and narrow separation that distinguishes Barnegat Bay from the Atlantic Ocean. The Mantoloking bridge connects the town to New Jersey mainland, connecting the town with Brick Township across the Barnegat Bay. The Mantoloking borough is home to the Olympic champion producing Mantoloking Yacht Club. Well-known architects Stanford White of McKim, Mead, and white designed some old summer cottages in the borough. The borough is a dry town so here alcohol cannot be sold. Together with the Bayhead to the north, Mantoloking is known to be part of Jersey’s shore, “Gold Coast".

The Koppen Climate classification system says that the climate of Mantoloking New Jersey is a humid subtropical climate. During the summer months at Mantoloking, a cool breeze from the sea is always present in the afternoon. The site that you must visit during your stay in Mantoloking is the Normandy beach near the borough. This is a place where you can enjoy your time peacefully. If you are a businessman and want to relax and ignore the noise and hustle-bustle in the city, then this place is for you. It calms your mind and relaxes your body hence giving you a feeling of pleasure. You can enjoy a luxurious time in one of the 21 luxury single-family homes on the ocean county Barnegat Peninsula. These amazing and exceptional beach homes are just located within one block of both the Atlantic Ocean and the Barnegat bay in Mantoloking NJ, you can also enjoy the refreshing and mesmerizing water views of the ocean and waves. The homes have 5 bedrooms and up to 5 bathrooms. The prices vary according to the facilities you utilize but the prices start from 905000 dollars. So you can only visit this place if you have enough cash to blow.

Another popular place in Mantoloking is the Mantoloking bridge county park. It is located on 70 Herbert street, a brick township. It offers great views of Barnegat Bay and it is known to be one of the best fishing and crabbing points across the ocean county. So you will find all sorts of anglers, crabbers, and sightseers over here. This park features a new and latest 70-foot long pier that people can use for fishing and crabbing. If you are here for a picnic then there is a boardwalk picnic area, a sunshade gazebo, and well-lighted paths. This park is not only a sight to observe during the summer season when many tourists are attracted over here, but it is also open round the year and residents come here to enjoy their peaceful leisure time. This amazing and unique concept park is stretched to a little more than 2 and a half acres. The path highlights a good variety of recreational activities that are related to Barnegat bay. Near to this park is the Mantoloking road bridge. The bridge type in Bascule. The vertical clearance of the bridge is almost 30 inches and the horizontal is 80 inches. The draw of the Mantoloking Bridge across Barnegat Bay only opens on a signal, except the days like Memorial Day, Labor Day, federal holidays, and Saturday, Sunday. During these days the draw opens from 9 .m. to 6 p.m. The schedules of bridge opening can be temporarily changed due to some kind of repairs and maintenance work. In addition to this, you should also visit Herring Island which is listed in the category of islands for the New Jersey state. It is displayed on Point Pleasant. You should also get a map of the herring island and nearby areas before visiting so that your visit is comfortable. You also need to visit the vintage automobile museum in New Jersey. It is also located in Point Pleasant. The vintage automobile museum of New Jersey has an impressive collection of cars that are classic and traditional. Whenever there is an automobile show or any other event in ocean county, these cars are always presented there for a display to the community of Ocean County and New Jersey.

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