Explore Manchester Township with a Jersey car and limo. Manchester is a township located in ocean county, New Jersey in the United States. The place is famous for having the Lakehurst Naval Air Station, which was the site of the Hindenburg disaster that occurred on May 6, 1937. According to the act of New Jersey Legislature on April 6, 1865, Manchester Township was given the status of a township, from some portions of Dover Township. The portions of the township were utilized to form the Lakehurst on April 7, 1921. Then later William Torrey gave the township the name Manchester.

Manchester Township gets an average of 48 inches of rain every year and the average snowfall there is an average of 20 inches per year. The average number of sunny days in manchester is 205 sunny days. The summer in Manchester township is high during July and the coldest month is January. If you want to visit manchester then the most pleasant months of the year are June, May, and September. The temperature in July reaches almost 85 degrees and that is why July is the hottest month in Manchester. Most of the time throughout the year, humidity is low but in July humidity is high. The crime rate in Manchester city is very low and the crime is ranked on a scale of 1 to 100. The township is an outlying district of New York City and has a total population of 43, 503. Most of the people living in Manchester have their own homes. Anyone who lives in Manchester will have a sparse suburban feel. Many retired people live in Manchester and the people living here are conservative. The education rate is good over here and the public schools in this area are almost above average. The learning in the schools is good and students are intelligent.

The place that you must visit in Manchester Township is the Redeemer Lutheran Church. It is a fellowship of Christians and is led by God’s word and also guided by the Lutheran church-Missouri Synod confessions and traditions. Their major aim is to bring faith, values, and good service to Manchester Township, in Ocean County, New Jersey. Since the year 1985, the church has had a vision and is playing its role in the service of God and the people living in the community. The church and the people in it are committed to sharing what they have, to fulfill their goal of taking care of the people living in this community. Redeemer is the place that offers people over here spirituality. The church is concerned with enhancing and strengthening the faith of individuals. It plays a critical part in the spiritual growth of its people and also helps them to find peace. When the people find peace their minds are in a calm and composed situation and they can live better lives. The church offers a variety of worship services where the church teaches God’s words clearly and God is praised joyfully. In addition to this Manchester has a family golf center. This is a family-friendly and full-service golf range. All the golfers are given a great environment over here where they can do the practice of golf, have professional golf sessions and they can also enjoy a competitive round of mini-golf on the new golf greens of the club. The driving range has more than 70 hitting bays and also includes 9 heated booths for practicing throughout the year. In addition to all the information above, there is another best thing about the family golf club. The club is the only practicing facility in ocean county that offers the visitors an amazing and unique virtual experience on the world’s famous courses. They have installed a new and latest state-of-the-art indoor golf simulator in the amazing studio environment. The golf club also features a pro shop, golf repairs, and a snack bar. The snack bar has many types of ice-creams and other treats for you and your kids. If you want to celebrate your kid’s birthday party then private rooms for children’s birthdays are also available. Moreover, separate rooms are available for adult outings and corporate clinics.

Manchester City has some of the most usual locations in the world. One of them is the Brooks brae brick factory. It resides in a big graffiti wonderland and is hidden deep inside the New Jersey Pine Barrens. The company at earlier times could produce a large number of bricks but many people doubt that the company was never in operation status. Before the death of William J. Kelly in 1908 the factory was up to full speed. But after his death, the factory activities were seized. However, to avoid any damage to the factory it was given to an elderly couple to take care of it but the factory caught fire after some time and the couple also died. Now the area is a popular graffiti and art spot. Another unusual location in Manchester Township is the Cathedral of air. The surprising chapel is filled with some beautiful stained glass depictions of human history. This place will give you a feeling of heaven on earth. The chapel is famous for its shining and colorful stained glass windows. It is located near the naval air station in Lakehurst which is a joint base in Fort Dix.

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