Explore Long Beach Island with a Jersey car and limo. LBI or Long Beach Island is located along the Atlantic Ocean coast of ocean county New Jersey, United States. It is a barrier island and a summer colony. The housing patterns are aligned north to south. The housing portion on the northern side consists of expensive low-density housing while the southern portion is based on high-density housing and there is more commercial development in this region. The major industries in Long Beach Island are tourism, fishing, and real estate. You can only access this place by a single causeway. Long Beach Island is about 47.3 square miles and the population according to the 2019 census is 21127. All the people are distributed in different regions of the island. The population sores in the summer because the area also attracts a lot of visitors from different countries. Many wealthy people from New York, Pennsylvania, and Connecticut own properties over here where they come to enjoy their vacations in Long Beach Island.

In the future however it is expected that the island, the houses over there and the economy can be affected severely by the rise in sea level each year. According to an estimate, the sea level was almost 6 inches in the year 2013 and it is expected that the sea level will rise another 6 inches by 2030. So for the protection of properties and lives, different measures should be taken to make the economy strong and stable. This island is a beach lover’s paradise. The widest point of this island is approximately 18 miles long and it is also strewn with several shore towns and wide stretches of glittering white sand.

Barnegat Light, which surrounds the Barnegat lighthouse state park and the famous fishing port of Viking village, is in the north part of the island. In addition to these relaxed towns of surf city, Loveladies and Harvey cedar also fall in the north region. In the southern part, you will find bustling ship bottom, beach heaven, and Brant beach which is the main center of attraction on this beautiful island. Beautiful beach heaven is a place where you can enjoy thundering surf water parks and adventure golf. The magnificent place features eight giant water slides, super soaker water guns, a big tipping bucket, and many more things of your choice. It is a popular place for shopping and all the stores have your favorite items over here.

At the thundering surf water park, people of all ages can enjoy it because this is the place of adventure for the whole family. It has two courses that offer you to play gold and allows you to polish your skill. No matter if you are a beginner or an expert, you will enjoy it a lot. The courses are maintained so beautifully that they ensure that the shots you play are a game of skill and not a game of luck. These courses will give you and your family a unique and challenging experience of playing golf. During your visit don’t forget to visit Barnegat light. It is a family-oriented seashore town and offers something best to everyone. The lighthouse over there is a popular site of tourist attraction. And it is a destination for picnicking, and fishing.

The beautiful and large beaches give you a chance to beach and fish in an awesome way. You can also find other recreational areas like tennis courts, Dog Park, and basketball courts. Fishing over here does not mean traditional fishing anywhere. You are offered numerous options over here. For instance, party boats go out daily if you are a lover of deep fishing. For small groups, there are charter boats and if you want to head out on your own then you can have the boat liveries that are rented out on a daily basis to the customers. There is a big museum in this area which used to be a one-room schoolhouse a few years ago, you can find many antique items in the museum. If you are a food lover then this is your place, because you can find a large number of restaurants, hotels, and ice cream parlors over here. There are many gift shops over here. Because this is a commercial area of the island.

This place is breathtakingly beautiful and no one would want to leave it so if you want to extend your visit to this island, then you can get a variety of accommodations over here. You can find motels, beds and breakfast, and house rentals. In addition to all these things, you should visit the surf light theater, which organizes great shows for kids and elders. There are two museums on this island which contain the preserved things of the past culture. Schooner’s wharf is another popular destination among visitors. All the beaches over here are worth watching. If you want to surf over here, you are welcome any time, but in the summer season the place gets saturated so make sure to do an early booking to avoid any awkward situation later.

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