Explore Harvey Cedars with a Jersey car and limo. Harvey Cedars is a borough in Ocean County New Jersey in the United States. It borders the Atlantic Ocean on Long Beach Island Township. The incorporation of Harvey cedars as a borough was done in December 1894 by the act of the New Jersey legislature. This was done from portions of the union township and was entirely based upon a referendum held in 1894, November 20. The post office of the community was known as High Point, in earlier times. A high point name was suggested because it was the name of a neighborhood in the borough that rested at an elevation. Then in the 1930s, a name change was requested. Most of the houses in Harvey Cedars are the seasonal houses that are commonly used in the summer season who live out of the country far away. The borough has a charming effect, it is close to bay and ocean so this makes the housing very much expensive. The oceanfront houses over there are priced at more than 2 million dollars. No doubt that the size of the borough is small but its property was assessed at over 1.28 billion dollars in the year 2019.

The Harvey Cedars is a wonderful and beautiful town that has attractive beaches and many options for you to enjoy summer, and there are many types of accommodations that you can reserve for yourself. If you are a busy person and cannot find time then you must plan a vacation to this place to have some peace. The place provides a quieter setting for those people who want to stay away and escape from the hustle-bustle and noises that are in their daily routine. Don’t forget to visit the sunset park for some weekly concerts. The place has exceptional eateries and restaurants in the downtown walking area. The borough of Harvey Cedar is also home to a very famous Christian retreat and a conference and meeting center that attracts a large number of visitors and conference attendees throughout the year.

In the United States and New Jersey, there are few places as unique as the amazing Harvey Cedars. The place is full of vacation rentals, homes, and beach houses that range from modern to classic designs and you have an open choice to choose any. The beaches at this place are beautiful also, in fact, they are the most peaceful beaches in the whole of New Jersey. The beaches are quiet, calm, and relaxing. They are the perfect place for watching the sunrise and roaming around in the sun and white sand while holding a drink and a sandwich in your hand. At this place, you will find the most amazing beach, Hudson Avenue. This beach is one of the longest-running guarded surf beaches and is an awesome place to watch all kinds of actions. The beach is guarded all the time by the Harvey Cedar beach patrol, who have won lifeguard competitions all over the state. A few steps away from the island is the beautiful sunset park. It has bathrooms, playgrounds, tennis courts, and also a fishing dock. There is a beach that is perfect for launching kiteboards, stand up paddleboards, and also kayaks. Every Wednesday people come from different and far away areas with families to enjoy a vacation and especially the concerts that are regularly held over here.

The quiet and peaceful residential streets in the Harvey Cedars boasts some charming and amazingly built cottages, which will give you the feel of Long Beach Island. The cottages are shaded by cedars and the pitch pines that also have some excellent collection of flowers that grow around the fences. The flowers are also set in little protected coves on the bay. The Harvey Cedars is also a home of some fantastic and mouth watering foods, all the foods have farm to fork specialties at the black-eyed Susan’s. This restaurant was ranked among the top restaurants by the Zagat’s. Nowadays the eatery has changed its position and has moved to the former site of the plantation. If you are a food lover then you must try the long-standing Harvey Cedars Shellfish in dinner or the 1690 culinary Market, where you will get a wide range of baked goods and a perfect cup of morning coffee. The Harvey Cedars Shellfish Company is a place that you should visit on your vacation if you are a seafood lover. The company was started in the year 1974 and is now a center of attraction for all visitors. It has been a long beach island summer tradition for over 40 years. All the fame that the company has earned is due to the fresh, mouthwatering, and delicious food it serves. The restaurant is situated in a 1920s beach cottage and is famous for local seafood. No matter if you are with family or alone. This place has enough space to accommodate the visitors. The staff is also really cooperative and make sure to resolve any issue that you might face. Make sure to do an early booking, because in summers the place becomes saturated. You can pick up your groceries or other things needed and then you may sit down at the famous Neptune Market for lunch or breakfast. For finishing off you must take a few scoops of ice cream in the night from the well-known Harvey Cedars ice cream parlor.

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