Brick Township in Ocean County is known as the 13th largest municipality in the United States. It gets its name after the owner of Bergen Ironworks, Joseph Brick. The township is divided into two sections; one is the mainland, while the beaches are on the Barnegat Peninsula, which acts as a barrier between the Atlantic Ocean. It is close to the major cities that are just a few hours’ drives away and have beautiful picturesque beaches crowded during the summer months.

It is known as one of the safest cities of New Jersey, where crime rates are extremely low. Due to which the development rate is high, with many people from all around the United States shifting to the township. Moreover, many residents of the township own their homes and properties, with only a few people residing on rent. A steady rise in the inauguration of various small businesses and stores has been seen in the past few years, which has attracted many entrepreneurs who are looking to start their own businesses. Brick’s education system and school are also above average, making it a perfect spot to raise a family in a township full of opportunities.

The township’s star are the beaches that are the main attraction for many people around the township who come over for spending their spring and summer breaks. The beaches are kept clean and pristine with strict rules and regulations to maintain the standard and protect marine life.

Several recreational spots and parks have been recently developed and updated with the latest facilities, making the said places a must-visit. Now the parks have trampolines, bike paths, rock climbing facilities, and even hiking trails which you can explore with family and friends. There is also an abundance of stores and shopping malls that you can check out if you love shopping. Many stores are locally owned and have organic, locally produced products, which you cannot find anywhere else.

Brick Township has a long list of restaurants, all of which have something unique and special to offer with a menu that will satisfy your cravings and have you coming back for more and more. All of the restaurants and diners have fantastic food that the locals love, and often locations are crowded to the point that there is an hour-long waiting.

  • Brick Beach One, Two, and Three
  • Nejecho Beach
  • Curtis Point
  • Havens Point
  • Drum Point
  • Seaweed Point
  • Swan Point
  • Sandy Point
  • Long Point Island
  • Club Obispo
  • Blue Lagoon Marina
  • Baywood Marina
  • Cranberry Cove Marina
  • Swamp Cove/ Bambe Cross
  • Traders Cove
  • Metedeconk River Yacht Club
  • Brick Reservoir
  • Princeton Avenue
  • Arrowhead Park
  • Briar Mills Park
  • Herbertsville Park
  • Mantoloking Bridge County Park
  • Windward Beach Park
  • Angela Hibbard Park
  • Swan Point State Natural Area
  • Havens Farm
  • Shore Woods Bicycle Path
  • Ocean Ice Palace
  • Ocean County Golf Course at Forge Pond
  • Joe Pal Airport Property
  • Brick Motor Inn
  • Charlie’s Café
  • Blue Sushi
  • Crab Shack
  • Denino’s South Pizzeria
  • China Express II
  • Cold Stone Creamery
  • Smash Burger
  • Tuscany Restaurant and Bar

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