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Wall Township is a Township in New Jersey. It is located in Monmouth County, in the United States. It is located in the New York Metropolitan area and is known to be the bedroom community of New York. Some time ago the voice Township was originally incorporated as a Township on 7th March 1851 by the act of the New Jersey legislature.  For some years a few portions of this place have been taken to form the very famous not spring lake Ocean Beach Manasquan, Spring Lake, South Belmar, and Spring Lake Heights.  The world’s Township was named for a lawyer General Garret D. Wall who commanded a Trenton volunteer company during the 1812 war and at that time he was stationed at Sandy Hook. This person served as a clerk of the New Jersey Supreme Court for 5 years and as a quartermaster general of the state of New Jersey for more than 20 years and after that, he was chosen to represent the state of New Jersey in the United States Senate from 1835 to 1841. The United States Census Bureau says that this place has a total area of 31,69 square miles and this area also includes1.03 square miles of water.  Some famous places like Allen word and West Belmar are sensor-designated areas and are the owner-operated communities located within the Wall township.  A few other incorporated localities are communities or places that are located partially or completely within this Township include Algers, Mills, Allaire, and a few more.  Wreck Pond is a very famous tidal point that is located on the coast of the Atlantic ocean and is also surrounded by Walls Township and the boroughs of Spring Lake,  Spring Lake Heights, and Sea Girt.  The detect point covers about 12 square miles in Eastern Monmouth county.  This Township also surrounds some municipalities of Howell Township, Lake Como, Neptune Township. Spring Lake, Spring Lake Heights, Tinton Falls, and many more.

The Brick Township reservoir has parts located in both walls and brick township covers over eighty acres and is surrounded by a 1.7 Mile trailer.  In this area, fishing is allowed on the Reservoir and the Reservoir can hold up to one billion US gallons of water.  The water is pumped from the Metedeconk River.  The world’s Township also has approximately 20 different locations for outdoor activities and then slowed public parks, playgrounds, recreational sports fields, and other open outdoor spaces for hiking, cycling, fishing, and hunting.  Parts of Allaire state park and the Edgar Felix Bikeway are found in wall township. The brick reservoir township is located on the Herbertsville and Sally Ike roads and is a source of municipal water for the towns in Ocean County, New Jersey. It is owned by the Brick township Municipal utilities authority. This reservoir which is often referred to as the Brick Reservoir is located in both Brick and Walls Township with 80 acres of the place in the walls Township and the total area of this Reservoir is 120 acres.  According to a joint agreement with Walls Township police fire and first aid protection for the Reservoir are provided by the brick township.  When the basin of this Reservoir is filled to its full capacity then it covers approximately 90 acres of the property. This Reservoir was opened on 7th May 2005 and is 90 Feet Deep.

In addition to this and other important places found in the Township is the Allaire state park.  This Park is located in Howell, Wall township.  They are located in Monmouth County in the state of New Jersey United States next to the borough Farmingdale.  This area is operated and maintained by the New Jersey division of parks and Forestry and this is also a part of the New Jersey coastal heritage trail route.  This place is known for its very famous restored old 19th-century ironworks which are located on the premises of the park.  In addition, the founder of Howell works at the same site and his name was James P.Allaire.  This place also hosts some amazing tourist sites which attract several visitors every year to this place and enjoy a lot over here due to the different kinds of amusement opportunities offered over here.  The park is located in the coastal plain geographical region of the state of New Jersey and the soils over here are high in iron content and due to this reason, they are somewhat acidic.  You will also find some picnic facilities over here which include charcoal grills,  tables,  playgrounds, and sanitary facilities are also available within the area of the Park.  A very famous Manasquan river flows along the east to the park and this also has seasonal boat rentals that are offered by the private people over here. This river is known as a source of freshwater within the park and also holds an official license so if you want to fish over here then you need to get permission.  In addition to this, the park also charges an entrance fee on the weekends in the summer because during this season this place attracts many visitors to it.

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