South Brunswick, New Jersey Airport Car Service and Limo Rental

Explore south Brunswick with Jersey car and Limo services.  South Brunswick is a Township located in Middlesex County in New Jersey in the United States.  An actual display is located within the Raritan Valley region.  South Brunswick is the place that was first mentioned on 28 February 1778 in freeholder minutes as being formed from the new Brunswick township.  The former incorporation of this place as one of New Jersey’s initial group of 104 townships was e done on 21st February 1798.  You also need to know that some portions of this Township have been taken to form many other places such as Cranbury  Township on 7th March 1872 and Plainsboro Township on 1st April 1919.  Money magazine placed it as one of the best places to live in New Jersey and it was given 22nd number. The list was published in 2011 and features some of the best small towns in the United States region.   You also need to know that in 2016 another magazine named South Brunswick as the 10 safest cities in the United States to raise a child and in addition to this the place was ranked as third-highest among the twelve communities in New Jersey included in this list.

if you are interested in knowing about the area and geographical status of this place then the United States Census Bureau says that this Township had a total area of 42 square miles and this area also includes 0.40 square miles of water.  there are some unincorporated communities and localities located in this place and they are also very famous regions of New Jersey.  whereas other unincorporated communities and localities or places are located completely or partially within this place and they include Deans,  Franklin Park,  Sandhills,  fresh pond, and little Rocky Hill.

As we know that this place is served by many different zip codes, such as Dayton, Monmouth Junction,  Kingston,  Jamesburg,  Cranbury,  Princeton, and even North Brunswick are also often used in this place when we refer to the areas that are located beyond their specific or undefined boundaries. Dayton was actually previously known as the crossroads and this was the time when James Whitlock constructed a tavern on the George road around 1750.  One of the early Enterprises over here included a brick manufacturer and also included a large nursery and in 1856 the name was also changed from a crossroads to Dayton.  This was done in the honor of a person who gives his great service to this place.  If you want to know about the climate of South Brunswick then you need to know that it is in the humid continental climate zone and the temperature in winter can be from 326 degrees and it can be as low as -7 degrees.  whereas in summer the average high temperature ranges from 29 to 31 degrees Celsius and it can be as high as 41 degrees Celsius also and this is the highest recorded temperature over here.  In addition to this when you talk about the rainfall or precipitation, approximately 4 to 5 inches of rain Falls every month in this place and it is evenly spread throughout the year.  Some seasons the rainfall occurs a lot and this can also lead to blizzards and floods throughout the Northeastern United States.  certain other things like Hurricane and Tropical Storms or tornadoes which are extremely destructive are very rare in this region.

Before visiting any place the most important thing anyone would ask about is the transportation service and the roads of that area.  if you are concerned about the transportation and roads of the South Brunswick region then you need to know that according to 2010 this place had a total of 311 km of roads and out of this 243.7 km roads are maintained by the municipality, 34-kilometer roads are maintained by the Middlesex County,  27 km roads are maintained by the New Jersey department of transportation and the remaining maintained by the New Jersey turnpike authority. The most prominent highway that passes through this region is the South Brunswick highway that is a 5.6 km long section of the New Jersey turnpike or interstate 95.  This is the highway that crosses the Eastern section of the Township and a few times that lead to the tollgate for some integer changes that pass through the township.

If you want to know about the Government of this place then you need to know that this Township operates within the Faulkner act and this act is formerly known as the optional Municipal turtle or under the Council Manager form of municipal government.  This place is one of the 42 municipalities in the state of New Jersey that uses this form of government.  The governing bodies that make up this form of government include the mayor and the Township Council which is composed of four members.  All these people are elected as a result of the general elections held in November and they have to serve the office for a time of four years on a staggered basis.  you also need to know that South Brunswick Township is located in the twelfth congressional district and is also considered as a part of New Jersey 16  legislative district.

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