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Sayreville is a borough In Middlesex county New Jersey in the United States. Sayreville is e located within the center of the Raritan Valley region and the exact location is on the South Banks of the Raritan River. then you can also say that the location of this place is also near the Raritan bay.  so this place was given the status of a Township on 6th April 1876 from the portions of south Amboy township.  Then and later on 2nd April 1919, this place was reincorporated as the borough of Sayreville.  If you want to know about the history of this place then the first settlers of this place were native Americans. The famous tribes of Navesink are the people who lived along the South river, this is the place where the modern-day journey mill road is located.  This thing was noted on a 1656 new Netherland map which was given by Adriaen van der Donck. This man was a dutch surveyor and map maker.  you need to know that in an attempt to buy land from the native Americans these paint settlers travel up to the Raritan river region and this happened in 1663.  so during the twentieth century some archaeologists also found that there are hundreds and thousands of Indian artifacts present at the location and these artifacts were also then shown on the map. You need to know that Morgan inn was then established in 1703 and this is now the Morgan section of Sayreville  and this was formed by predating the incorporation of Sayreville.  The famous Charles Morgan and his descendants, which included Major James Morgan and Nicholas Morgan, played a very significant role in the occurrence of the Revolutionary war.  This family is one of those families who lived in that area for more than 200 years and many of their family e members are Breathe in this region in a cemetery which overlooks the Raritan river. These people are considered to be related to captain Henry Morgan who was a famous pirate and is said to have visited this place more than one time.

If you want to know about the geography and area of this place then the United States Census Bureau says that this place had a total area of 18.68 square miles and this area also included 2.85 square miles of water.  This place is located on the southern Bank of Raritan river which is across from the Woodbridge Township and Perth Amboy and is then surrounded by these places from the South Western side and it is also surrounded by the Old Bridge Township from the south. This place also surrounds East Brunswick, Edison,  south Amboy and South river in Middlesex county and it also surrounds Staten island in New York City.  you need to know that the relatively low-lying areas near the Raritan river region are normally subjected to flooding when the Storms are at their peak.  so this place is also approximately 39 km away from the South-Western region of lower Manhattan and is 7 km away from the South Eastern side of Staten island and is also 92 km away from Philadelphia. This place has several resting neighborhoods also and unincorporated communities and localities within this place are more than one and it would be a long list to name them. If you want to know about the climate of this region then this place has a temperate climate and humid subtropical climate.  This place is usually hot and humid during summer and cool too cold during winters. The precipitation occurs here on a regular basis throughout the year.  The average temperature in July is 76 degrees Fahrenheit and thunderstorms are very common during the spring and summer seasons.  you need to know that this place also holds a record for the hottest temperature in the state of New Jersey which was recorded on 10th July 1936 and it was 43 degrees Celsius.

if you want to know about the transportation of this place which is the most important thing anyone would consider while coming to this place then you need to know that according to 2010 this place had a total of 211 km of roads and out of this 164 km Road for maintained by the municipality 29 km roads are maintained by the Middlesex county 10 km Road maintained by the New Jersey department of transportation and 8 km Road were maintained by the New Jersey turnpike authority. Several major and important roads pass through this place. The Garden State Parkway is the most important and prominent highway that searches this place.  If you want to know about the government of this place then you need to know that it is governed under the borough form of New Jersey Municipal government which is used in 218 municipalities statewide and this is the reason that it is the most common form of government in the state of New Jersey.  The governing body consists of a mayor and the Borough Council and all the positions are elected as a result of the journal elections held in November.  The council has six members who are supposed to serve the office for a time of 3 years on a staggered basis.  The mayor is responsible for making important decisions and also science different tasks to the members of Council which they have to follow.

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