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Plainsboro is a township in Middlesex County in New Jersey in the United States.  This place is located in the center of the Raritan Valley region and is also considered as a part of the very famous New York Metropolitan area.   Plainsboro is a place which is considered to be incorporated as a Township on 6th May 1919 from the lands north of Plainsboro Road and dey road.  and it had been a part of Cranbury  Township also.  So the main Idea towards the formation of this place was that the number of schools serving this area was not enough or sufficient and so this is the reason that a new school was constructed after the establishment of this Township and this school still exists.  The name of the school is J.V.B Wicoff school and it was named after a person who made great efforts for the creation or incorporation of this place.  If you are interested in knowing the history of this place then the original residents of this Township Vir the Unami people were a subtribe of the Lenape  Native Americans and another group of settlers who came here in 17 century over the Dutch people who settled in this area because of its amazing agricultural properties.  The oldest developed area of this place is at the intersection of Dey and Plainsboro road.  It is considered that this road was named after the dutch who settled at this place and called the planes tavern in the early eighteenth century.  The building is still standing there and it was also featured on a TV show known as if these walls could talk along with the very historic Plainsboro inn building.  In addition to this in the year 1897 walker-Gordon  Dairy farms were opened up and it had one of the most amazing things,  which was a cow and it was named Elsie the cow.  This cow played a major role in the popularity of the dairy farm and it was possibly the most famous of that time.  Later the site of this farm was converted into a single-family home community which was named Walker Gordon farm and at that time it consisted of more than 350 homes.  Many other family farms were made in this place during the first three three-quarters of the 20th century.  and some of these forms still exist in this place.

The Township was officially formed or founded on 6th May 1919 and it was formed from the sections of South Brunswick Township and also from the sections of Cranbury Township.  So this place was made in response to these two townships when they refused to construct a new fireproof and largest school in the village and everywhere the date of formation of this Township is celebrated with a parade of the festival and this area also hosts concerts on this day.  In addition to this if you are concerned with the area and geography of this place then you need to know that the United States Census Bureau says that this place has a total area of 12.1 square miles and this area also includes 0.37 square miles of water.  The Plainsboro center and the Princeton meadows are some of the unincorporated communities and census-designated places that are located within this township.  There are many unincorporated communities, localities and places that are located completely or partially within the Township and an example of such places is Scotts corner.  In addition to this, the Township also surrounds some municipalities such as South Brunswick, Cranbury,  East Windsor township,  Princeton Township, and West Windsor township.  in any area, the most important thing is the transportation service is over there and if you want to know about the transportation of this place 10 according to 2010 this place had a total road of 105 km and out of these 90 km Road for maintained by the municipality 12 km Road maintained by the Middlesex County and the remaining four km roads are maintained by the New Jersey department of transportation. Several major and important roots pass-through this Township and they include the US route number one which is a major transportation route that passes through the North-Western part of this township.  Other important roles that pass this area are located in its center.

The government of any place is also considered as one of the most important things and if you want to know about the type of government in this place then you need to know that it is governed by the Township committee form of the New Jersey Municipal government. This type of government is common in 141 municipalities of New Jersey and they are governed under this form of government. If you are concerned with the governing body then you need to know that it is composed of a 5 member Township committee and members of this Township committee are chosen for a time of 3 years for the office on a staggered basis and the people are chosen as a result of the general elections held in November. this place is considered to be located in the twelfth Congress-ruled district and is also a part of the New Jersey is 14 state legislative district.

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