Piscataway, New Jersey Airport Car Service and Limo Rental

Piscataway is a township in Middlesex County, in New Jersey in the United States. This place is considered a bedroom suburb of the New York Metropolitan area and it is located within the heart of the Raritan Valley region. The name of this place, Piscataway is thought to have been a drive from the earliest American settlers in this area who were moving to this place as transplants from the New Hampshire near Piscataqua river.  You need to know that the struggle is a Landmark and it defines the coastal border or barrier between New Hampshire and Maine.  It is the night and if you consider the meaning of this word in the Lenape language then it means great deer.  So you need to know that this place was appropriated in 1666 by Quakers and Baptists who had left The Puritan Colony in New Hampshire. Piscataway is their Township that was formed on 18th December 1666 and after that, the official incorporation of this place was done on 21st February 1798 by an act of the New Jersey legislature and it was considered as a part of the state’s initial group of 104 townships.  another important thing about this place is that the fifth oldest municipality in the state of New Jersey was over here and it has expanded from a native American territory through a colonial period and is one of the links in the earliest settlements of the great Atlantic Ocean seacoast and then it’s finally lead to the formation of the United States. For many years the portions of these townships were taken to form Raritan Township on 17th March 1870 which is now known as the Edison township.  The portions were also taken for the formation of Dunellen  Township on 28 October 1887,  Middlesex on 9th April 1913, and South Plainfield on 10th March 1926.  You need to know that Piscataway is a Township that has amazing and advanced educational and Research facilities because the very famous university Rutgers  University is present over here and the main campus is also extended into this township.  Another thing is the very famous SHI  stadium which is the home field for Rutgers scarlet knight Football team is also located in this Township and in addition to this a part of Robert Wood Johnson medical school is also located in this township.  An amazing thing about this place is that In 2008 this place was ranked 23rd out of the top hundred places to live in America by the money magazine and in addition to this in 2014 the same magazine ranked this place as 27th out of the top 50 places to live in America.

If you want to know about the geography of this place then the United States Census Bureau says that this place has a total area of 18.96 square miles. This place also includes 0.17 square miles of water. Piscataway township lies on the southern side of the Raritan Valley region which is a line of cities in central Jersey along with many other places such as South Plainfield,  Hiland Park, and New Brunswick.  The Township is approximately at a distance of 45 minutes Southwest from New York City and is at a drive of 53 minutes Northeast from the Philadelphia region.  This place is surrounded by many municipalities such as Edison,  Highland Park,  New Brunswick,  South Plainfield,  Middlesex County, and Franklin Township also.  In this place, Society Hill is considered as an unincorporated community and also a Census-designated place which is a very prominent part of this township.  This place is normally segmented by residents into some unincorporated communities and localities which include many areas such as Fellowship form,  New Brunswick highlands,  Johnson Park, and some other places also. Another thing of the year that might interest you is the camp Kilmer,  the construction of this place started in 1941 on approximately 1500 acres of area in this Township and the area also included Edison township.  It was then activated in June 1942 by the United States Army and at that time it was used as a Staging area and a part of the installation of the New York port of embarkation.

If you want to know about the government in this place then it is governed under the act which is approved by the people and officials over here.  Another Township is one of 71 people in the state of New Jersey which uses this form of government.  All the people in this form of government are chosen by the general elections held in November and they have to serve the office for four years.  the people who are being elected include a mayor and the members of the Council.  Mayor is responsible for assigning duties to the staff and has complete authority. moreover, if you want to know about the transportation services in this area then you need to know that this place has a total of 333 km of roads out of which 293-kilometer roads were maintained by the municipality 31 kilometer31-kilometer roads or maintained by the middlesex county and remaining 10 km roads are maintained by the New Jersey department of transportation.  you need to know that this place is served by many roads and Highways and interstate 287 also passes this Township and also includes exits 6,7,8 and 9.  The county routes also include route number 501 and route number 592.

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