New Brunswick, New Jersey Airport Car Service and Limo Rental

Explore New Brunswick with Jersey car and Limo services.  New Brunswick is actually a city in the middlesex county in New Jersey in the United States.  New Brunswick is considered as the county seat of middlesex accounting and is also a home of the very famous Rutgers university.  This city is actually both a regional and commercial hub for the central New Jersey region and is also a prominent and growing commuter town for the residents who are commuting to New York city within the New York Metropolitan area.  New Brunswick is actually located on the Northeast corridor rail line and is 43 km Southwest of Manhattan and you need to know that the city is located on the southern banks of the very famous raritan  river in the raritan Valley region.  you need to know that this place was ranked as the 689 most populous city in the country and it has a good concentration of medical facilities in the area including Robert Wood Johnson university hospital and Saint Peter’s university hospital as well as the the rutgers which is the State University of New Jersey.  This place is known as both hub city and Healthcare City E and the corporate headquarters and production facilities of several global pharmaceutical companies are also located in the city and it includes Johnson and Johnson and also some other important places.  New Brunswick has changed itself into a major and important Centre for science, arts and cultural activities which plays a great role in bringing diversity to Woodbridge neighboring the City.  You also need to know that this place is very famous and well-known for its ethnic diversity. And at one time this place had one quarter of the the Hungarian population of New Jersey who lived in the city and in 1930 1 out of 3 city residents were Hungarian so the Hungarian community continuous as a cohesive community over here and now approximately 3200 Hungarian residents account for approximately 8% of the total population in the city of New Brunswick and this data is according to the estimates of 1992.  this city also has very rapidly growing Asian and Hispanic communities who have developed around the French street near the the Robert Wood Johnson university hospital.

 if you are interested to know about the area and geography of this place then the United States census Bureau says that this place has a total area of 5.75 square miles and is also includes 0.52 square miles of water another important thing is that New Brunswick is located on the south side of the the raritan valley  the along with the Highland Park, edison , piscataway  and Franklin township.  This place also lies to the South Western side of Newark  and New York city and also lies to the north eastern side of Trenton and Philadelphia.  you also need to know that new New Brunswick city is completely surrounded by the municipalities of piscataway, edison And alland Park which is a cross raritan river and also lies to the the north and is also covered by North Brunswick to the southwest,  by East Brunswick to the south east and it is also surrounded by many other places in the the middlesex county and also by the Franklin township in Somerset county.  the the climate of this place is humid and subtropical climate which is mostly characterized by humid and hot summer and is also characterized by moderately cold winters with moderate to considerable rainfall throughout the year and there is no specific wet or dry season over here.

 if you want to know about the transportation in the city then you need to know that this place features 118 km of roads out of which 19.3 km roads are maintained by the municipality 13.7 ke mein Rota maintain why the middlesex county the remaining 12.6 km roads are maintained by the New Jersey department of transportation and other 2 km Road are maintained by the New Jersey turnpike authority.  this city is also crossed by a wide range of roads and Highways and in the city there is also intersection of us route number 1 and route number 18 and it is also bisected by root number 27 in addition to this the New Brunswick City hosts less than a mile off New Jersey turnpike which is also known as inter state 95 and a few Ram’s are located inside the city e that leads to exit number 9 which is known to you located just outside the city and it limits to the East Brunswick.  Some other important roads that are located nearby this place include the Garden State Parkway in Woodbridge Township and also include Interstate 287 in the neighbouring townships of Franklin Township and Edison township.  In addition to this the New Brunswick parking authority manages at least 14 ground level and multi-story parking facilities across the city.

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