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Explore Monroe with Jersey car and Limo services.  is a township in the South Indian Middlesex County New Jersey in the United States.  The important thing that you need to know about this one is that it is a part of the outer suburbs of the New York Metropolitan area.  This place is also located in the central region near the Raritan,  the  the Valley region.  If you want to know about its origination or incorporation as a Township then you need to know that Monroe was given the status of Township on 9th April 1838 by the act of the New Jersey legislature from the portions of South Amboy township. and our friend held it on the same day which means that the referendum was held on 9th April 1838.  Another thing about this place is that a few portions of this Township word were taken to form the East Brunswick Township on 28 February 1860, Cranbury  Township on 7th March 1872, and another one which is known as Jamesburg Township on 19th March 1887.  you also need to know that there are several age-restricted communities in Monroe Township so so despite the major senior citizen growth the median age in this place has changed from 52.5 in 1990 and then has been increased 58.9 in the year 2000 and you need to know that before decreasing 53.2 in 2010  sense more growth has been from single-family detached homes and more recently than with the development of the most senior citizens.  in addition to this Monroe is the place which had the third-largest increase in population that had been in any quality in the state between the year 2010 and 2014 so you need to know that the growth and population occurred from 3678 people to 42804 people and this is followed by two more urban locations The Jersey City and the Elizabeth.

 in case if you are interested to know about the area and geography of this place then the United States Census Bureau says that this place has a total area of 42.5 square miles and this area also includes 0.24 square miles of water and Monroe Township is the largest municipality in the Middlesex County in the terms of the total area it covers. Monroe Township completely borders the Jamesburg Township so as a result, it makes up a part of 21 pairs of doughnut towns in the state and this type of arrangement 1 Municipality surrounds The Other municipality.  Another important thing which you should know is that Monroe Township surrounds other areas such as Cranbury Township,  East Brunswick Township,  Woodbridge townships,  spots word, and South Brunswick Township also.  whereas in Middlesex counties it’s around east Windsor Township and also the Manalapan township in Monmouth county.  The unincorporated communities and localities that are located completely or partially within this place are our Jamesburg Gardens,  lower Jamesburg,  Middlesex downs mounts mill,  old Church, and it also includes a few other uh places.  This place also has some historical railroads which are no longer active and they include Camden and Amboy Railroad,  freehold and Jamesburg railroad, and  Pennsylvania railroad Amboy division. Monroe Township is full of different kinds of parks and recreational areas so you need to know that Thomson Park is 675 acres of land which connects to the sports field and is operated by the Monroe Township high school and this is located in the Monroe Township and Jamesburg.  you need to know that this is the largest park located in the Middlesex County Park system and it also features lake Manalapan and this is the place where fishermen and fisherwomen are allowed to fish,  an important thing that you should keep in mind is that motorboats are not allowed in the lake but you can visit the lake by rowing a boat.  This Park also has its dog park and has various hiking and biking trails. In addition to this it also has a small zoo that has various native and exotic animals for the people to see and amuse themselves.  In addition to this, there are many other parts located in this Township but they are comparatively smaller than Thompson park. 

You might be concerned with the type of government in this place so you need to know that Monroe Township is governed within the falconer act which is known as the optimal Municipal turtle or under the main accounts of the system of the New Jersey Municipal Government and this is the formal name of this kind of government.  Monroe is one of the 71st places statewide which use this form of government.  the governing body is made up of a mayor  and a township Council and all these people are elected on the basis of general election held in November.  another important thing that you need to know is that this Township is located in the twelfth congressional district and is a part of the New Jersey 14 state legislative district also. 

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