Hightstown, New Jersey Airport Car Service and Limo Rental

Explore Hightstown with jersey car and limo services. Hightstown is a borough in Mercer county. It is located in New Jersey in the United States. This place had a population of six thousand people according to the 2010 census. This place was given the status of a borough by the act of the New Jersey legislature on 5th March 1853 East and at that time it was also included with the portions of East Windsor township. In 1894 this place became fully Independent and all its operations were held by the people over here with no attachment with any other borough. Additional questions of the East Windsor Township were later annexed in 1913, 1915, and also in 1927. The nation of this thing is that the Boro was named for John and Mary hight who established a tavern in this area back in the year 1750. The United States census Euro says that this place has a total area of 1.27 square miles and this area also includes 0.03 square miles of water. This place or is considered an independent municipality that is surrounded by the East Windsor Township so as a result of this boundary the place is a part of 21 pairs of doughnut townships in the state of New Jersey. According to this rule, one municipality surrounds The Other municipality. Hightstown is considered as the central point of New Jersey and is almost at an equal distance from both Philadelphia and New York City.

If you want to know about the climate of this place then it is a hot summer place and it is wet and humid all year. The climate of this place is similar to the humid continental climate. The summer months are the months of extreme heat and humidity and the hottest months of the year are June and July. July is also considered the wettest month of the year and it also has an annual peak in thunderstorm activity. During the winter season, people experience episodes of extreme cold, and snowfall is also observed. This is an average seasonal snowfall that occurs from November to April and in this case, February is considered as the snowiest month and in this time snowfall is approximately 24 to 30 inches. This place, Hightstown is known to be governed under the borough form of New Jersey Municipal government and this form of government is used in approximately 218 municipalities around this state and so for this reason it is the most common form of Government applied in the state of New Jersey. the government you need to know that the governing body is composed of a mayor and borough council all the positions, in this case, are chosen based on elections that are held in November. The mayor is held responsible for holding the office for or four years approximately and in addition to this, the borough council is also composed of 6 members, and all recharge tricks members are supposed to serve office for a time of 3 years. Hightstown is the place that is known to be located in that twelfth functional district and the show is now a part of New Jersey’s 14th state legislative district. The 2011 reappointment after the 2010 census this place had been in the 12 state legislative district and before this Hightstown had been a part of the 4th congressional district. This change was made by the New Jersey Redistricting Commission that became functional in January 2013 and this was also based on the general elections held in November 2012.

If you are concerned with transportation in this area then you need to have that according to to a survey performed in 2010, this place had a total of 26.9 roadways and out of this 20.4 km of roads were maintained by the municipality, 4.4 km fermentation by the county and remaining 2.9 km taken by the New Jersey department of transportation. The Hightstown is located exactly at the crossroads of some important roads. so you can say that the main Highway order Main Road operating through this place is root 33. And in addition to this a small portion of us route 130 also passes through the northwest corner and as a result it can be accessed by root 33. There are also located outside this place which includes the New Jersey turnpike also known as interest rate 95 and Hightstown bypass also known as root number 133 and they both also intersect at a common point. This is an amazing place when it comes to the people living over here who are somewhat conservative but at the same time are very hospitable. Living in this place offers a person a rural or urban feel. The standard of education over here is just amazing and the schools are also excellent but if someone wants to go for higher education then they would need to go out of the city to some other universities. This is an amazing place for people of all ages because it offers a lot of enjoyment opportunities. It has different areas such as parks, museums, cultural sites, hotels, restaurants, and many other places. In case if you are a lover of food then this place is for you because there you will get amazing food.

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