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Explore Hamilton with Jersey car and limo services. Hamilton Township is a township in Mercer County which is located in New Jersey in the United States. This place is known to be located within the New York Metropolitan area and is also very famously defined and known by the United States census bureau. It directly surrounds the Philadelphia Metropolitan area and is also a part of the Federal Communications commissions Philadelphia designated market area. According to the 2010 census this Township had a total population of 89 thousand. This place was the ninth-largest municipality of the state of New Jersey and in 2000 had been ranked as number 10th in this series. This place is located just to the east of the city of Trenton which is the capital of the state. Hamilton was given the status of a Township by an act of the New Jersey legislature and this task was completed on 11th April 1842 and the portion of this place was taken from the now-defunct Nottingham township. In addition to this, the portions of these townships were also used and taken to form Chambersburg township and also the Wilbur borough. Hamilton township gets its name from the village of Hamilton square and the name of this village at that time was inspired by the name of Alexander Hamilton and it was named after him for this reason. Hamilton township in 2006 was ranked as the 18th safest city in the United States out of the 369 cities in the nation and this ranking was done by Morgan Quinto. According to a 2005 survey performed by this company, the Township was ranked as the 15 safest City in the nation out of the 354 cities that were surveyed during this time.

According to the very famous and well-known United States Census Bureau, this place had a total area of 14.3 square miles and this area also included 0.87 square miles of water. There is no doubt in this that Hamilton is one of the largest and great townships in the state of New Jersey but still it does not have a true Downtown and it has several settlements that are located within the Township and they form smaller commercial centers. There are also so many unincorporated communities or localities which are located completely or partially within this township. Van nest wildlife refuge is a very famous place over here that covers an area of 98 acres approximately and this is a wildlife management area that is operated and managed by the New Jersey department of environmental protection division of fish and wildlife. This Township also surrounds some other municipalities which include Lawrence township, West Windsor Township, Bordentown Township, chesterfield township, North Hanover township, and a few more like this. You also need to know that the climate of this place has a hot summer and all year the environment is wet and humid. June and July are considered the hottest months of the Year while January is considered the coldest month of the year and during the summer season, you may experience extreme episodes of heat and humidity. The amount of rainfall occurring in July every year is Greater and it also has an annual peak in thunderstorm activity. During the winter season, you can experience extreme episodes of cold and winter and even you may experience the snowfall of 24 to 30 inches and the average snowiest month in this place is the month of February.

Township is very famous for hosting one of the largest and amazing recreational parks in the state and in addition to the set also Surrounds the other one. The municipal veteran’s park is approximately 350 acres Island and is entirely located in this township. In addition to this, the Mercer county parks around this place do not and it covers an area of 2500 acres of land and this area is shared from Hamilton Township and also includes Lawrence township. This Park is very famous because it contains muscle ache which is one of the largest man-made lakes in the state of New Jersey. you need to know that this place was constructed as a result of the federal flood control project and the main aim was to prevent the overflow of water and the season of flooding this area. Another very famous park located over here is the grounds for sculpture Park which is a 42 acres sculpture park and it houses more than 270 sculptures, it also has Gardens flowers and other natural scenes in it which you will enjoy a lot after you visit this place for a short time. the main aim behind constructing this was to promote the appreciation of sculpture and arts in this place. In addition to this, there are many other parts in this place and this is the reason that Hamilton is a most favorite site of people to visit on a vacation or due to any other reason for example arranging any events like weddings. These parks are the major site for such events.

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