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Explore East Windsor with Jersey car and limo services. East Windsor is a township in New Jersey in the United States. It is located in Mercer County. This place or township is considered as a part of the New York Metropolitan area and thus is defined by the United States census bureau. This place directly surrounds the Philadelphia Metropolitan area and is also a part of the Federal Communications commission’s Philadelphia designated market area. West Windsor Township was split on 9th February 1797 and as a result that both East Windsor Township and West Windsor Township were formed. West Windsor Township is still a part of Middlesex county. This place was incorporated by the act of the New Jersey legislature on 21st February 1798 and at that time it was a part of New Jersey’s initial group of 104 townships. portions of this place or Township word taken from Hightstown Borough and this happened on 5th March 1853 e. portions of this Township were also taken from Washington township and this was done on 11th March 1860. the place was named Windsor Township after Windsor in England.

The United States Census Bureau says that this place has a total area of 15.6 square miles and this also includes 0.09 square miles of water. Twin Rivers, which is considered an unincorporated community and also a census-designated place, is located inside east Windsor township. You can also say that the twin river was Jersey’s first planned unit development and that is the reason that it had attracted the scrutiny of so many researchers which includes sociologists and anthropologists for different kinds of research and studies. Unincorporated communities localities and places are also included within east Windsor township. This Township surrounds the Robbinsville Township and also the west Windsor township in Mercer county. East Windsor Township is a place that surrounds the borough of Hightstown and so as a result of this border, it is included in one of 21 pairs of doughnut towns in the state, and over here one municipality entirely around the other one. this place you will find Meadow lakes continuing care retirement community and this place occupies approximately 100 acres of land that straddles the East Windsor and Hightstown boundary line.

East Windsor Township since 1970 has been governed by the very famous Faulkner act and it was earlier known as the optional Municipal charter law and it was under the Council-Manager form of government. This place is one of the 42 pilots that use this form of government so you can say that this is the second most common form of government in the state of New Jersey. This Council has 7 members elected at it a term of four years on a staggered basis and the selection is done through the elections held in November.

The East Windsor Township is also located in that twelfth Congress null district and so it is considered as a part of the New Jersey 14th state legislative district. and this before the 2011 appointment following the 2010 census East Windsor Township had been in this 12th state legislator district and earlier than this East has been a part of the 4th congressional district and then after some time a change was made by the New Jersey distracting Commission that took the responsibility of effect in January 2013 and all this thing was again based on the general elections held in November 2012 if you want to know about the roads and roots and transportation of this place then you need to know that according to a study of May 2010 this Township had total roads of 150 km and out of this 111 km were maintained by the municipality 17 km were maintained by mercer county and 15.7 km were maintained by the New Jersey department of transportation and remaining 6.3 were maintained by New Jersey turnpike authority. Some several major Highways and routes serve this place and the most prominent one among them is the New Jersey Turnpike exit known as exit 8 is located inside the East so it connects the turnpike to root 33 and also to root 133. route 33 operates from east to west across the southern and eastern portion of the Township whereas route 133 forms a bypass of Hightstown which connects Route 33 on the east side of the East to County Route 571 on the west side of this place. The people living in this place are very nice and cooperative and are very hospitable. although they are somewhat conserved and they have their jobs and businesses and they live peacefully in their own homes. This place would give you a feeling of peace and serenity. This place should be visited on a vacation because it offers a lot of enjoyment opportunities for people of all age groups so no matter if you are visiting with elders or kids they will have equal opportunities to enjoy based on their choices. If you are a lover of food then this place is for you because here you will get to eat the most delicious kind of food you have ever eaten in your whole life.

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