Riverton, New Jersey Airport Car Service and Limo Rental

Explore Riverton with Jersey car and limo services. Riverton is a borough located in New Jersey. It is located in Burlington County in the United States. This place was incorporated as a borough by the act of the New Jersey Legislature on 18th December 1893. This separation was done from the portions of Cinnaminson Township, and these results were based on the referendum held a few days earlier. The parts and portions of this palace were taken for the formation of Palmyra township on 19th April 1894. The name of this place was taken from the Riverton improvement company, which was just made after a group bought a 120- acre land that was to be made the future site of a planned community and the homes were to be made up of for the founders along the riverfront.

This place is generally considered a dry town and here alcohol can not be sold.  The dry status of this place was an early character associated with it with clause inserting starting in 1952 by Riverton improvement community into deeds for companies in the community that banned the sale or manufacture of alcohol and alcoholic beverages.  This place is however located on the Delaware River and is very pedestrian-friendly,  has sidewalks,  gas lamps,  and buildings over here are constructed in the ancient Victorian architecture so you will find the Victorian touch over here.  Riverton is also a place where you will find the Riverton Yacht club.  It is one of the oldest and famous active yacht clubs in this country.  Many resident sailboats make their home at this Landmark and if you visit this place you will notice many boats standing over here which are also taken by people for  sea journeys.

This place was organized or established in 1851 along the very famous Delaware river and since then it has been laid out by Philadelphia architect Samuel Sloan.  The architectural historian Henry Russell Hitchcock says that this place was one of the first architectural and residential subdivisions in the United States.  Back in the year, 1916 the Japanese beetle which is now a widespread insect pest in the United State were first discovered in a nursery near the Riverton area.  The United States Census Bureau says that this place has a total area of 0.96 square miles and this area also includes 0.30 square miles of water.  also surrounds the Cinnaminson Township and palmyra in the Burlington County and Philadelphia across the Delaware River in Pennsylvania.

This place is governed under the borough form of the New Jersey Municipal government and this type of government is used in 218 out of 565 is in the state and this is why it is considered as the most common form of government in the state of New Jersey.  The person who rules or governments is composed of a mayor and borough council. All the positions are elected on a partisan basis in the general election of November. The mayor is chosen directly by the voters for a four years term in the office. The borough council has six members to search for 3 years.  This place is located in the third congressional district and is also a part of the New Jersey 7th legislative district.  Before the 2010 census, this place had been a part of the first congressional district and then a change was made by the New Jersey redistricting commission and it took effect in January 2013 that was entirely based on the results of the general election held in November 2012.

This place also has the Riverton historic district,  this place is an approximately 180 acres historic district that encompasses the Borough.  In addition to this, Riverton was also added to the national register of historic places on 5th March 1999 and the reason for this edition was its significance in architecture,  community planning, and development.  The district has approximately 371 contributing buildings which are very famous for different reasons and one of them is the Riverton yacht club.  This place also has the Victorian house at 503 Bank Avenue that was designed by the very famous architect Samuel Sloan,  and after that, it was constructed in the year 1851.  In addition to this, the Riverton yacht club was also constructed in 1880 with stick style. According to a study done in 2010, this place has a total roadway of 14.5 miles and out of this 19.99 kilometers is maintained by the municipality and the remaining 2.62 km by Burlington county.  there is no interstate or state highway directly serve the place however the most prominent Road crossing this place is the county route 543.

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