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Explore Medford with Jersey car and limo services. Medford is a township located in New Jersey. It is located in Burlington County, in the United States. This place was given the status of a township on 1st March 1847 by the act of the New Jersey Legislature. This was done by taking some portions from Evesham Township, all this was based on a referendum that was held some days ago. In addition to this, some portions of this township were also taken from Shamong Township, Lumberton Township, and also from Medford Lakes.

This area was sold in 1670 to a person named Samuel coles.  and at that time this land was 900 acres.  In the upcoming few years many different families mos2 to this area and some of those families also live in this area to date.  The upper Evesham was in progress and grew continuously from some scattered homesteads which were comparatively undeveloped at that time and then this place changed into a small village. Setting which can lead to its development was that many buildings and roads were built between the sale of land and the American revolutionary war,  in fact, many of them still exist for example these buildings and Rhodes include oliphant’s mill, Christopher’s mill, and Shamong trail.  In the year 18 920 e post office was opened in that area and during that time this area was officially called Medford of upper Evesham.  This was a name that had been pushed by Mark Reeve,  he was a developer who visited this area. On 1st March 1847, Medford Township was separated from Evesham township and this was done by the act of the New Jersey legislature.  On 9th March 1847, a meeting was held at the Crossroads and this was the first Township meeting,  and the seat of the Township government remained at that place for many years.  On 19th February 1852 for the formation of Shamong Township, a part of Medford Township was taken for the formation of this area,  and in addition to this on 14 March, 1860 for the formation of Lambert and township and another portion was taken from this area.  so till then, the area remained unchanged and the borders remained the same until 17th may 1939 after those Medford lakes were formed.   In early 18 25, a glass-making industry was developed in Medford and it was with glass making finance making window panes.  so this is one of the prominent things that used to occur at that time and Medford.

The United States Census Bureau says that the Township had a total area of 39.8 square miles and this also included 1.01 square miles of water.  there were many unincorporated localities and communities and that’s my name partially or completely within the Township these places include birchwood lakes,  Christopher Mills,  Crossroads,  Medford lakes,  Braddock mill, and many more.  In addition to this, the Township is one of 56 south Jersey municipalities and they are included within the New Jersey fine lines national area which is a protected area and a wonder of nature and it has a unique environment and Ecology that covers an area of 1100000  acres.  This place has been classified as the United States Biosphere Reserves and in addition to this, it was also established as the Nation’s first national reserve in 1978 by Congress.  A part of this area is also included in the state-maintained Fine Line areas and this includes many portions of Burlington county along with the areas in Atlantic,  Cape May,  Cumberland, and ocean county.  So you can say that Medford Lakes however is an independent place or municipality that is inside the boundaries of the very well known Medford township and it also makes it half of the 21 pairs of doughnut towns in the state and it is the place where one municipality is surrounded by another Municipality.  The township surrounds Mount Laurel township, Shamong township, tabernacle township, and Waterford township.  The climate and environment of Medford Township are considered humid and Continental and the winters are cold,  and summers are hot and there is humidity around the year.   In addition to this, the total precipitation that this area receives is 41 inches, and also the annual snowfall received by this area is 23 inches every year.

Woodford cedar run wildlife refuge is a 170-acre land,  and it is also a natural preservation area for wildlife and also has a rehabilitation center located on the southern and is open to all.  Freedom Park over there is a public park and it has extensive and big playgrounds with the latest equipment also have basketball and volleyball courts have large pavilions and extensive fields and you can also bring your pets along with you.  So if you are planning to go on a vacation or a business trip alone or with your family then this place is an amazing option for you but don’t forget to explore all the things over here.  This is an amazing place which offers a lot of enjoyment and amusement opportunities for the people of all age groups,  so no, if traveling with your elders or kids all of them will get an equal chance of enjoyment.

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