Hainesport, New Jersey Airport Car Service and Limo Rental

Explore Hainesport Township with Jersey car and limo services. Hainesport Township is a township in Burlington County, New Jersey. It is located in the United States. Some time ago the Lenape native people settled on the banks of Rancocas Creek, the present-day Hainesport area called Sandhickney is located over here. Quakers were the first European settlers who arrived over here, in the year 1677. At the time of the American revolution, this place was also known as Long Bridge.  This name was taken from the long wooden bridge that was located along the Rancocas creek.  In addition to this in the year, 1778 this place was also a site of a skirmish in which the American Rebels and other gangsters fired upon the soldiers and this happened after the soldiers were stopped by the dismantling of this Bridge.  when it comes to the name of Hainesport,  then you need to know that this place became known as Haines port when Barclay Haines bought a property for himself in this area and also established a wharf near his house that was located on the Rancocas Creek,  the and this happened in the year 1848.  By the year 1850, the previous name of this place was changed and was shortened to Hainesport.  This Township was given the status of the Township on March 12 1924 and this was incorporated by the act of New Jersey,  some parts of this place were taken from Lumberton township.

The United States Census Bureau says that this place has a total area of 6.79 square miles and this area also includes 0.32 square miles of water and the rest of the area island.   This place also has some unincorporated communities localities and places and many of them are located partially or completely within this township and they include Claremont, Creekview, Oakdale, union mills, and a few more.  This place also has a portion of the very famous Rancocas state park.  This Park is located in an ideal location of the Hainesport township.  If you want to visit this place then you will get a chance to see the hiking trails,  biking trails,  equestrian trails,  and you can also access boating and different kinds of fishing opportunities in the Rancocas creek.  In addition to this, a specific part of this Park is managed jointly by the Burlington County parks and also the state IT Department of parks and forestry.  Long Bridge Park,  Burlington County Park are located between the Deacon Road and the Mount  Holly By-Pass.  This Park has entrances from both Roadways and this is specifically done for the convenience of visitors and local people so that they would not have to work a long way to enter the parking area.  In addition to opportunities such as fishing, hiking, and biking,  the parks over here also have many children’s play areas so you can easily visit these parts with your family and kids.  There are drinking fountains and some restrooms also so that you can stay in them for a while when you get tired.  If you are in the mood for a picnic then this Park also has some specific technical areas but you need to book them earlier.  family or people can reserve the picnic area with charcoal grills to make your time enjoyable. This Township Park is also surrounding the municipal building.  In addition to all the things that are mentioned above, there are a playground and walking trails that are connected to the park, and this playground and walking trails length the Hainesport public school to the park.  If you are a professional player or a lover of sports then this Park has many sports opportunities for you. For example, you will be able to see a tennis court,  soccer fields,  softball fields,  and baseball fields.  The local families, specifically the rich people that belong to different business families, sponsor a series of Summer concerts over here,  which are mostly held in the season of June and July, and these concerts are attended by the local people and the visitors.  They are a continuous source of amusement and enjoyment especially for the teenage people and they enjoy themselves a lot when they come here.  Since these occur in the summer season, you have to book the concert earlier, then after that, you will get a ticket for the entry.   Living in this place will give you a suburban or rural feeling and the area is fully covered with greenery so your experience of living here will be amazing.  Many people over here have their Jobs or businesses and they live in the houses that they own.  In addition, the population living in the city is a little concerned and they do not mix up with outsiders.  The schools over here are of a good standard and the quality of education is also amazing,  but if someone wants to study in a college or university then he needs to go out of this place to do this.  This place is amazing because it offers opportunities for enjoyment to people of all age groups so you can come here with elders,  kids,  and also with your friends.  You will never regret coming here.  Many people for instance outsiders consider this place as a good option to spend their vacations.

If you are also in the mood for a vacation then Hainesport should be an option on your list to visit.  Before going on vacation anywhere or to this place you need to keep in mind that a good transportation service is very important.  It acts as a traveling companion and you don’t need to worry about the road and roots of the city.  With a good transportation service, you will be able to explore different parts of any place like ok this one.  If you are confused about which transportation service you should hire then Jersey car and Limo service is an amazing option. The range of vehicles include the following.

Black car fleet: Lincoln town car, Lincoln MKT, Chrysler 300, Cadillac XTS, Chevrolet Suburban

Limo fleet: 6, 8, and 10 passenger stretches, 15 passenger luxury vans, Mercedes Sprinters, and Party buses