Spotswood, New Jersey Airport Car Service and Limo Rental

Explore Spotswood with jersey car and limo services. Spotswood is a borough in Middlesex county in New Jersey in the United states. This place or this borough is located within the center of the Raritan valley region, within the Manalapan brook, forming a region of the south river which is inside the borough. If you are interested to know about the history of this place then you need to know that the first settler over here was James Johnston and he was the one who originally called this place Spottiswoode, and he gave this name for his old place, where he used to live and that was in Scotland, it dates back to 1685, and historically it was spelled as Spotswood. The roads that pass through this township include Bordentown and South Amboy turnpike, which was a stagecoach route built in 1816. In addition to that the Camden and Amboy railroad that was chartered in 1830, followed the stagecoach route and then reached Spotswood in 1832. This one used stone sleepers to support the tract, john bull was the locomotive that operated on the railroad. There is a trackside memorial located near the east Spotswood park also. Along with the Spotswood station, Outcalt and east Spotswood had passengers and freight stations on the Pennsylvania railroad, the united new jersey railroad, and the canal company subsidiary. You need to know that this place was given the status of a borough by the act of the New Jersey legislature on 15th April 1908 from portions of East Brunswick township and it was based on the approval of a referendum held on 12 May 1908.

If you are concerned about the area and geography of this place which plays an important role in the description of any region then you need to know that the United States Census Bureau says that this place has a total area of 2.42 square miles and thus also includes 0.11 square miles of water. Some many unincorporated communities and localities are located completely or partially within the place and they also include Outcalt, which is located along the border of Spotswood and Monroe township. This place also surrounds the Middlesex county municipality of East Brunswick, Old Bridge Township, and Monroe township. If you want to know about the Government of this place then you need to know that this place is operated within the Faulkner act which was earlier known as the optional Moonspell turtle of 1950. This place is one of the 71 municipalities out of 565 in the state of New Jersey that uses this form of government. The governing body consists of a mayor and 5 members of The borough council and they are chosen at the general elections held in November for a period of 4 years, so this means that they have to serve the office for four years on a staggered basis. The mayor is the chief executive and he holds the responsibility for running the administration of the government while the legislative power resides within the Council. you need to know that this place is also located in the twelfth Congressional district, and this is also considered as a part of New Jersey’s 14th state legislative district, before this appointment in the place had been in the 18th state legislative and district.

Any place is known for its fruits and transportation and that is the main thing observed whenever a person visits a new place. So if you want to know about the roads and transportation of this place then according to 2 July 2015 this place had a total of 48 km of roads out of which 42 km Road were maintained by the municipality and 7 km road and by Middlesex county. The main road that passes through this place includes Middlesex CR 613 which connects Monroe Township to the south and East Brunswick Township to the notes and it also has Middlesex CR 615 which connects Helmetta in the southwest to East Brunswick township which is located in the borough’s northwestern corner. This place has the closest Limited access to the New Jersey turnpike For interstate 95, which is accessible to both neighborhoods of East Brunswick Township and surrounds Monroe township. There are many areas such as parks and picnic areas in this place. You will be able to see many different things such as soccer fields, football grounds, volleyball courts and also so the Tennis courts. The Tennis courts are located on Summer Hill Road and Spotswood Park is located on the Rieder road, Munday road, Michael road, and east Spotswood. There is also a world war 2 memorial located in the east Spotswood park.
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